Amit Singh on Mark Ellmore's Untruthful Hit Piece

If you live in Virginia’s eighth congressional district, please vote today for Amit Singh.
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2 thoughts on “Amit Singh on Mark Ellmore's Untruthful Hit Piece

  1. I made calls to a small sample of Eighth District Republicans to remind them to come out and vote for Amit Singh. I had also made plans to drive out to Vienna and work at the polls. However, after I encountered so many incredibly rude Republicans on the phone, I decided not to spend the money and time to stand all day at the polls. Most of those who at least bothered to answer the phone, were quite snotty and claimed that they didn’t care who was in Congress, adding that they had no plans to vote.

    I hope that the small sample of citizens that I encountered by phone are not indicative of the typical Republican in the Eighth, but if they are, they deserve to be stuck with Jim Moran; they don’t deserve a nice, honest fellow such as Amit Singh.

  2. At my polling center, by noon, only 21 people had voted, and 18 people were from my building that I told to vote.

    Only 3 people!!

    Every vote counts.

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