Who is Mark Ellmore?

Virginia holds its congressional primaries tomorrow, June 10. As I have written previously, I’m supporting Amit Singh in the Eighth District. But who is Mr. Singh’s opponent? Well, I just found this bio of Mark Ellmore on

Raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Mark grew up in a typical [“]Leave it to Beaver[“] neighborhood full of working[-] class Americans (that was a long time ago, wasn’t it?). He attended Hayfield Secondary School and was absolutely honored to finish 399 out of 425 in the class of 1976. Mark did not miss one drop of the growing[-]up experience. Every opportunity to ruin his life and others[‘] was given full consideration. He attended Northern Virginia Community College in the fall of that year and later attended George Mason University and amassed a grand total of two credit hours—a record of academic achievement that ensured his participation in the Varsity Club football program. Plus, he was the lead singer in Savage, the baddest rock ‘n’ roll band in the D.C. area… Rock on!

In November 1977, he began his banking career as a teller. He had the privilege of learning to work ten-hour shifts with antique posting machines and typewriters that used carbon copies. He served at every level at the bank, from teller, head teller, assistant manager, manager, and [sic] assistant vice president. By the grace of God, he survived two armed bank robberies that had him wearing adult diapers to work for three years straight.

During the past fifteen years, Mark developed into a successful mortgage officer. He received every plaque, trophy, award, Kudos, and back-slap known in the industry. He is also a successful speaker and trainer with over twenty-six years of practical, professional experience.

He is alive and well and still in Alexandria, Virginia. He is single (due to some of the absolute dumbest decisions any person could make), has two Godly, gorgeous children that he loves to serve, and an incredible network of family and friends who love him unconditionally. When you think about it, that is truly all we can ask for. That, and maybe someone to read to us!

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2 thoughts on “Who is Mark Ellmore?

  1. He’s my neighbor. He’s a great guy.

    Wearing adult diapers after being the victim of multiple armed bank robberies would be nothing to be ashamed of, even assuming the statement was serious.

    Amit Singh is a Ron Paul supporter. Paul has made a video endorsing Singh. Paul has also refused to return a $500 contribution from the neo-Nazi Vanguard website. Paul also published anti-black drivel under his own byline in his own newsletter.

    If you examine the facts you will support Mark Elmore and oppose Ron Paul.

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