Obama Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

Barack Obama may have finally played his elitism on the wrong people: the press.

According to CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic:

The controversy began to develop after a campaign rally in Bristow, Virginia, when the press was whisked away to Dulles Airport outside of Washington, D.C., to board a flight to Chicago. According to campaign staffers, Obama had scheduled interviews with local Chicago television reporters and would meet up at the airport shortly. After waiting for Obama for over an hour, the situation on the plane quickly went from tiresome to alarming once the pilot informed the press that the doors had been locked and the plane was about to take off.

As the plane rolled down the tarmac, the press quickly realized that Obama had never boarded the flight and we had all been duped. Minutes later, communications director Robert Gibbs casually informed the press that Obama had stayed behind in Washington for “meetings”, without specifying who the meetings were with. As we began to frantically call our assignment desks to alert them that the presumptive Democratic nominee was running free in Washington, the plane took off for Chicago, leaving us trapped on a plane.

The tight-lipped Gibbs chose to brief the press on Obama’s whereabouts only after the plane was airborne.

“Sen. Obama is going to be in Washington for a little bit,” Gibbs explained. “Our schedule was running a little ahead of time so we had time for meetings that he wanted to do so we scheduled some meetings for him tonight and he’ll fly back to Chicago a couple hours after we do.” At the time, Gibbs would not confirm that the meeting was with Hillary Clinton, but did say that the meeting was private at request of the other person.

“It wasn’t an attempt to deceive in anyway, it’s just private meetings,” he said.

However, Gibbs failed to explain why the press was fooled into believing that Obama would be on the flight to Chicago and why we were not given the chance to de-plane once we learned that Obama would be staying in Washington. He simply said, with a mischievous grin, “We could have sat on the runway for a couple of hours so we decided to go.”

Wow. Declared “presumptive nominee” for only two days, and Sen. Obama is already treating the media with the integrity of Bill Clinton and the courtesy of the major airlines.

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8 thoughts on “Obama Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

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  4. You do realize this was weeks ago right? The meeting was in order to meet with Hillary Clinton right after the last primary.

    It was a well publicized story (including the part about the press corps being kept in the dark and Obama not being on the plane).

    You are grasping at straws.

  5. Wow, Ms.

    Does that Kool-Ade taste good? Nice, cold and purple?

    As a journalist myself, I know a planeload of “better duped” reporters who have just stopped looking through rose colored glasses at Childe Obama.

    “Maybe his aides did it?” Have another sip of that wonderful Obama flavored Kool-Ade, your last dose is wearing off.

    His naivete is beginning to be ever more obvious.

  6. Classic move. Sweet. Born out of necessity, not arrogance. You’re entitled to your baseless opinion though.

    Obama wasn’t there. Who said he made that decision? Maybe his aides did it to call off the hounds. Better that 20-50 members of the press are duped and put on a plane than multiple countries duped into a war over false pretenses resulting in the destruction of a country and thousands of deaths.

    Wouldn’t you agree? Let’s all get real here about this. The press have plenty of techniques and tell lies and dupe people all the time. “Don’t worry it’s off the record, say whatever you want…” Rrrright. More like the presses chickens came home to roost.

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