Reports of Clinton Concession Greatly Exaggerated?

The Clinton campaign is denying an Associated Press report that the Senator is planning to concede tonight that Barack Obama has won enough elected delegates to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

So what is she going to do? Her campaign says she’s going to give a victory-type speech tonight, whatever that means.

As of this writing, she’s holed up at home in Chappaqua, supposedly weighing her options.

What are those options? Well, she has a couple.

First, she can made good on her threat to appeal the Democrats’ one-half compromise this weekend, which half-disenfranchised the party’s elected delegates from Michigan and Florida and, true to its welfare-state mentality, redistributed four of her Michigan delegates to Sen. Obama.

Second, she can continue to make her case to the superdelegates, and she has a good one. As of now, she can claim to have won more of the popular vote than Sen. Obama. And she is a better candidate–smarter, more knowledgeable, more analytical, and (slightly) more experienced–than the gaffe-prone, judgement-impaired ignoramus.

It’s not over till it’s over.

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3 thoughts on “Reports of Clinton Concession Greatly Exaggerated?

  1. It’s not ENTIRELY fair to call Sen Obama an ignoramous….

    I mean, why would you want to insult the ignoramouses of the world?

    Seriously, the man’s worse than Jimmy Carter, and I’d rather be shot in my man-parts than have another Carter…

  2. There is, of course, the third option to which the Senator has already alluded, but first she’ll need to get in some practice time with the Mannlicher-Carcano she just got in the mail…

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