Clinton Supporter Harriet Christian Blasts DNC

This video shows Hillary Clinton supporter Harriet Christian throwing a fit after the Democratic National Committee railroaded the white woman in favor of “an inadequate black male”.

The DNC last weekend decided to seat at its convention all the elected delegates from Michigan and Florida, which held their primaries earlier than party bosses ordered, but to count only one-half each delegate’s vote, similar to the way that a slave was once counted as only three-fifths of a person for purposes of representation and taxation.

In addition, the DNC decided to take four Michigan delegates won by Sen. Clinton and transfer them to Barack Obama. Sen. Clinton had appeared on the Michigan ballot; Sen. Obama had not. So the party of plunder decided to transfer what was earned by one person to another who hadn’t competed. At least they’re living down to their immoral principles.

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6 thoughts on “Clinton Supporter Harriet Christian Blasts DNC

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  2. Babs, I hate to tell you, but nothing in the rules of that “agreement” said anyone had to keep their names off the ballot. It just said they would not campaign… If a politician was too dense to not see THAT loop-hole…

    Well, you get my point.

    And Doug, have you not seen the “We’ll vote McCain/not vote at all if Obama is the Dem Canidate” numbers??? those two catagories hit mid 40’s in some states…

    The DNC has a huge problem right now. they just choose to not see it.

  3. Leslie, I am not an Obama supporter (I was pro-Biden and then leaning Hillary later) but I’m sorry, you need to stop this Michigan ranting b/c you are losing all credibility. Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan, nor were Edwards, Biden, Richardson– all the major candidates– except Hillary, and it’s because they were all just following the rules that the DNC had stipulated, and to which all, including Hillary, had agreed. Period.

    It is absolute, utter idiocy to try to claim votes and support from a ballot in which there was one and only one major candidate on the ballot– not even most autocratic states, such as Communist countries or Baathist Iraq, would view such a vote as legitimate. So neither Obama nor Clinton had the “right” to any delegates from Michigan since there was nothing in the way of a real contest there, let alone a campaign, with only one major candidate on the ballot. It should have been a 50/50 split between Obama and Clinton– if anything, the Obama campaign was generous in allowing 69/59 for Hillary, and you’re fighting over just 4 delegates?

    Look, I’m trying to tell you this for your own good. I don’t trust Obama and as I said I’ve long leaned toward Clinton, as have many of my friends and neighbors, but when you Hillary supporters bleat on about how Hillary should get all the delegates from Michigan and Obama none, from an obviously fatally flawed primary– you drive fair-minded observers away, people like me and my close friends. You wind up doing nothing more than goosing your own egos, while angering the independent-minded people you need to draw in.

    Just can it, all right? Michigan was fatally flawed, and Florida not much better– the candidates couldn’t even campaign there. Those states broke the rules, their delegations got halved, just as the Republicans did. The DNC had to do what it did– if any organization, let alone a political party, fails to enforce its own rules, that it utterly collapses as an organization. Just stop with this righteous anger BS and you might get more support. As it is, you’re driving even people sympathetic people to Hillary away.

  4. Leslie,

    If there are enough crazy loons like this woman out there, then the Dems might have a problem on their hands. But, her arguments are mostly nonsense.

    In the end, the RBC could have given Hillary every delegate she was “entitled” to under the flawed primaries in Florida and Michigan and it still wouldn’t have mattered.

    Mathematically, she has no chance of winning and if he last name wasn’t Clinton there would have been a lot more pressure on her to give up long before now.

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