How do You Want Me to Vote at the Convention?

The 2008 State Convention of the Republican Party of Virginia is a week away. If you have an opinion on how this delegate should vote in any of the races, this is your chance to voice it. For whom do you think I should vote, in which race(s), and why?

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5 thoughts on “How do You Want Me to Vote at the Convention?

  1. “Guess Who”: Since when does the party chariman sign bills?

    Hager’s a good man and in his short time there did as much as he could with a bad situation last November, one that could have been much, much worse. What did Frederick do to help anyone but himself all these years? Don’t reward opportunism, reward actual work on behalf of the party and its candidates. And give Hager time to finish shaking the tree and holding Senate and House GOP leadership’s feet to the fire so things can get done!

    As for Senate, both have a hard time with Warner, but Marshall has an easier time appealing to the base Republican voters who won’t be there for Gilmore, who seems to think he can win among independents who sway HEAVILY for Warner. Negatives starting in the 40s don’t help either. Gilmore can’t win with that. Marshall has a chance, so give him a shot.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Bob Marshall

    Jeff Frederick

    Both men send a clear message to voters that Virginia is not following lock-step with the Bush Neocon agenda.

    By selecting Bob Marshall as our Senate nominee and Jeff Frederick as Party Chairman, voters will see that the Virginia GOP is setting a new course and is committed to leading our citizens forward to a more prosperous future; a future where the power of government is returned to its Constitutional limits, and Liberty and Justice is restored for all of our People.

    Oh, and by the way, could you wear that red dress with that dramatic neckline to the Convention?

  3. I strongly recommend you vote for Frederick over Hager.

    All you need to know is that Hager would not sign a good bill if it crossed his desk.


    Guess who…

  4. Leslie,

    For the Senate race, as you’d expect, I say Bob Marshall. Like you and I, he is pro-life, and he was also the fellow who led the fight to wipe out the unconstitutional tax hikes in HB3202.

    As for the Chairman’s race, I think we need new blood, so I say Frederick.

    I look forward to seeing you next Saturday, but please stay long enough for the resolution calling for an end to biofuel mandates and subsidies (it’s mine), and of course, vote for it, please!

  5. As far as the Senate race goes, I almost feel like asking if it really matters.

    Right now, it’s clear that Gilmore would get creamed by Warner in November and it seems highly unlikely that Marshall would do any better.

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