More Bad News for Democrats

On the night when Barack Obama claimed a majority of elected delegates, Hillary Clinton scored more votes across two primaries. She continues to lead in the popular vote, assuming that the Democrat Party does not disenfranchise Michigan and Florida voters. While Sen. Obama won a decisive 58-42% victory in Oregon, Sen. Clinton trounced him in Kentucky by 65-30%. The smug rookie Senator remains deeply unpopular in key blue-collar states like West Virginia and Kentucky, where 32 percent of Democrat voters say that they would vote for John McCain if Sen. Obama were to become their Party’s nominee, according to FOX News, which Sen. Obama partially blamed for his poor showing in the Bluegrass State. For him to continue to struggle to win primaries, while he is virtually guaranteed the Party’s nomination, reveals deep dissatisfaction among Democrats with their own probable nominee, and heralds trouble in November.

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1 thought on “More Bad News for Democrats

  1. Leslie, that Obama doesn’t do so well in the predominantly white states is a function of Hillary scoring a last minute victory. It’s because she told them that that Obama hates the honky. They bought it. But that’s not any real sign of trouble. Barak will get over it and when he does, the Republican party is in for a shellacking sister.

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