Tennessee GOP: Reason to be Proud

Occasionally, something happens to buttress my waning hopes in the Republican Party.

Last week, the Tennessee Republican Party released a web video showing Michelle Obama declaring during a campaign speech, “[F]or the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

By contrast, the GOP’s video also shows several Nashvillians talking about why they are proud of America.

Barack Obama responded, as he typically does when confronted with the stench of smug condemnation of American values that wafts from his campaign and its supporters, by whining, pointing fingers, and insinuating that the statements in question are not representative of his views or the speaker’s.

“[T]o try to distort or to play snippets of her remarks in ways that are unflattering to her I think is just low-class,” Sen. Obama said today on Good Morning America, “especially for people who purport to be promoters of family values, who claim that they are protectors of the values and ideals and the decency of the American people to start attacking my wife in a political campaign I think is detestable.”

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2 thoughts on “Tennessee GOP: Reason to be Proud

  1. I’m sorry, but Michelle Obama led with her chin on this one. If B. Hussein didn’t want his wife’s comments used in this manner, he should have told her to STFU.

    It’s the Will Smith Men in Black philosophy all over again…”Don’t start nothin’, there won’t be nothin’!”

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