Witches v. Marines

The self-parody of the looney left gets funnier all the time.

Bay Area Code Pink has declared today “Witches, Crones, and Sirens Day” at the Berkeley, California, Marine Corps Recruiting Center, which the City tried to kick out in January.

The nutcases plan to “perform rituals of leaving, cast a spell of peace and love over the station, rendering nil the recruiting of our youth to become fodder for this occupation of Iraq”, according to the group’s Web site.

Supporters have been asked to bring spells and pointy hats for today’s goofiness, which caps the group’s week of specially themed protests in honor of Mother’s Day.

Monday was “Grandmother’s Day of Action”, when grannies, some in wheelchairs and some more than 90 years of age, showed up “to volunteer to be recruited, instead of our youth”, blocking the entrance and banging on the door.

“They tried to have conversations with the Marines, but the Marines were too scared to talk,” Zanne Sam Joi of Bay Area Code Pink told

Uh, huh. Is there a spell that can cure delusion?

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6 thoughts on “Witches v. Marines

  1. I don’t know about witches and sirens, but they definitely got it right with the “crones” part (def: an ugly, withered old woman).

    “Hags” would fit, too.

    Just for the record, our military forces have exceeded their recruiting goals yet again. Keep it up, Code Pink, y’all are doing a bang-up job!

  2. I don’t think the Marines were “too scared” to talk to them; these are Marines, after all. Code Pink may well be unable to recognize courtesy when it’s shown tot hem.

  3. Yes, they are loons, but there may be method to the madness. I believe that the Pinkettes are trying to provoke a response from someone in there. Then they will call for invenstigations and/or try to sue for millions.

  4. Too bad we can’t fight fire with fire. There is a surprisingly large number of pagans in the military. There are enough that some pagans are trying to become chaplains. I picture a bunch of pagan Marines coming by to try a little hocus-pocus on the moonbats….

  5. About the only one I can think of that would be truly effective is Avada Kedavra. The effects of that spell, however, are rather permanent in nature…but the question is, is that a bug or a feature? 🙂

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