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From the Bridge of San Francisco to the Shores of Mangalore

Colonial Williamsburg

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Cities. We begin our journey here in the United States, where CatSynth shows us some photos of “San Francisco, looking at the approach to the Bay Bridge”.

From there we travel to the MidWest, where if it’s Tuesdays it must be Milwaukee.

A little south, Family Travel suggests A Taste of Chicago: Garrett Popcorn.

Nearby, Uptake Blog recommends Wine on the Water in Cleveland.

Then we head southeast, where my post, A Court of Tar and Feathers, provides a brief history lesson from Colonial Williamsburg.

Further south, The Atlanta Traveler reviews Dinner at the Geisha House.

A little further, Michael Emilio tells us about the Soho House Luxury Hotel, opening this year in Miami.

Then we travel across the pond to Europe, where Roaming Tales suggests that the Expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport is Bad for the U.K. Economy.

Then we cross the Channel, where Me My Kid and Life describes the nearly impossible: Eating in France on 10 Euro per Day for 2 People.

Just a little south, Eyeflare suggests money-saving hotels near Venice.

Culture shock suggests some Food and Drink in Rome (one of my favorite cities).

Our worldwide tour concludes in Asia, where Admirable India describes a Trip to Mangalore.

Still looking for somewhere to go? 5 Most Unusual suggests some Buildings and Travel Destinations.

Looking for something for the kids closer to home? The Q Family presents a Handyman in a making .

That concludes our carnival this week. I hope you’ve discovered a new destination, recalled a favorite one, or found something recreative right at home.


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