Amit Singh Lunch Bomb

It’s lonely being the only principled believer in Constitutional integrity in Congress. Just ask Ron Paul.

We have the opportunity to send Rep. Paul some reinforcement. Amit Singh, Congressional candidate in Virginia’s Eighth District, shares Rep. Paul’s commitment to the Constitution.

That’s why Amit Singh for Congress is asking you to give up your lunch money on May 15–to help him win the fight to join Rep. Paul in defending the Constitution in the halls of Congress.

If you pledge your lunch money today, you’ll help Amit Singh reach Congress–and provide Rep. Paul a lunch buddy, a Congressional colleague with whom he can plan how to restore finite government over fine cuisine.

Lovers of liberty have an opportunity this year to double their representation in Congress. Please help elect Amit Singh.

3 thoughts on “Amit Singh Lunch Bomb

  1. Thank you for your comment on the race Leslie. I really appreciate your insight into this campaign. Amit continues to impress.

  2. wow your assesment on Mark could not be more wrong. Amit is a flip flopper plain and simple and should never be trusted.

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