Wheaton Upholds its Divorce Standard

Wheaton College, a Christian institution in Illinois, has done something unusual: It has stuck to Biblical principles, as it interprets them.

Kent Gramm, a Wheaton English professor, has resigned his position because his impending divorce may disqualify him from teaching there.

According to Wheaton, God permits divorce in the cases of adultery and desertion. The college, which requires faculty and staff to sign a statement of faith and adhere to its standards of conduct in areas of life including marriage, evaluates employee and potential employee divorces to determine whether they qualify under this liberal interpretation. But Mr. Gramm refused to discuss the details of his divorce with administrators, who are thus unable to determine whether it steps over their bar. The College says it would have given Mr. Gramm a year to find another position, but he declined to stay.

Tim George, student body president, told the Chicago Tribune that the majority of students support the college’s decision. “We just hate to see him go,” Mr. George said. “But we just don’t want to compromise the values that we hold.”

Good for the students, and good for Wheaton College.

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1 thought on “Wheaton Upholds its Divorce Standard

  1. This kind of thing is so damaging to the Faith. Two of my profs from a Christian college fell disgracefully.

    One thing I’ve come to realize though is that even the worst moral failure doesn’t invalidate the truth that individual has taught and probably even modeled in the past.

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