Jeremiah Wright, Superstar

Barack Obama’s former pastor is making the most of his fifteen minutes of fame. Yesterday, the National Press Club gave Jeremiah Wright the opportunity to spew his particular brand of hate-filled hogwash.

Defending a sermon wherein he blamed America for the attacks of September 11, 2001, Rev. Wright said:

You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you. Those are biblical principles, not Jeremiah Wright bombastic, divisive principles.

Even more bizarre is the portrait of God in the hands of this angry sinner:

If I see God as … superior, as God over us and not Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’, … then I see humans through that lens. My theological lens shapes my anthropological lens.

And so, one’s theology must be crafted in such a way as not to offend one’s anthropology.

This idea that theology is properly established subjectively by the self, rather than objectively by God, helps explain another of Rev. Wright’s strange statements: “The Christianity of the slaveholder is not the same as the Christianity of the slave.”

But then, one wonders why it matters. The moderator, whom Rev. Wright had repeatedly mocked throughout the question-and-answer session, asked, “Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but through Me.’ [John 14:6] Do you believe this? And do you think Islam is a way to salvation?”

Rev. Wright would not affirm salvation as coming through Christ alone. Instead, he quipped, “Jesus also said, “Other sheep have I who are not of this fold.” (John 10:16)

How much Rev. Wright’s notions have contributed to Sen. Obama’s own nonsense is an open question. But the fact that Sen. Obama would willingly expose himself and his family to a man like Rev. Wright for two decades suggests a poverty of judgment that should concern every American.

And how does Rev. Wright explain his relationship with Sen. Obama, who has denied that the church he has attended for twenty years is “particularly controversial”? Simple: Sen. Obama is a typical politician, who says one thing in public and another in private:

He didn’t distance himself. … He had to distance himself, because he’s a politician, from what the media was saying I had said, which was anti-American. … [I]f Senator Obama did not say what he said, he would never get elected … Politicians say what they say and do what they do based on electability, based on sound bites, based on polls.

At least no one will ever accuse Rev. Wright of such hypocrisy.

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2 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright, Superstar

  1. um…can you be specific about what it’s done for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Does anybody take them seriously?

    All I know is you never want to get between either of them and a microphone or tv camera.

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