Toledo Bureaucrats All Wet

The City of Toledo, Ohio, plans to plunge more than half a million plundered dollars into its public pools this year, according to my SamSphere colleague Maggie Thurber.

“It’s important to provide recreational activities for citizens,” explains Kattie Bond, director of Toledo’s Department of Neighborhoods(!). “We live in a city where we do get hot weather, so it’s important we provide a place for kids to at least get wet and cool off.”

Sheesh. The mollycoddling mentality of petty bureaucrats has reached the point where they think people can’t “get wet and cool off” without the patronage of neighborhood nomenklatura.

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2 thoughts on “Toledo Bureaucrats All Wet

  1. Sure, not collecting taxes at all woud be best, but at least the taxpayers are getting a public amenity in return. I think community athletic centers are one of the few good things local governments do with tax dollars. At least they’re not spending the half-mil on “diversity workshops” or “outreach sessions” some other feel-good elitist blather.

    BTW, the inimitable P.J. O’Rourke is also a Toledoan.

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