The Real Elitism of Barack SnObama

Barack SnObama continues to point fingers at those who object to his recent remarks offending small-town Americans, people of faith, Second-Amendment believers, and citizens who support enforcing immigation laws. Asked at an exclusive fund-raiser in San Francisco why he wasn’t more popular in Pennsylvania, Sen. SnObama suggested that Americans living in “small towns … get bitter [and] cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”. Certainly, this bitterness theory explains Sen. SnObama’s church of choice.

But many who make important personal and policy decisions based on reason rather than emotion resent Sen. SnObama’s apparent projection and accuse him of elitism. Sen. SnObama counters that these opponents are playing politics. Yes, really, here’s his statement:

I’m not a perfect man, and the words I chose I chose badly. They were subject to misinterpretation; they were subject to be twisted, and I regret that. I regret that deeply.




When people suggest that somehow I was demeaning religion, when I know that I’m a man of deep faith, somebody who in my own life has held on to faith, held onto my confidence in God during times of trial and tribulation, then it sounds like there’s some politics being played.

When people suggest I was somehow being elitist and demeaning hunters when I have repeatedly talked about the tradition that people pass on from generation to generation, hunters and sportsmen, and how I have consistently spoken about my respect for the Second Amendment, when people try to suggest that I was demeaning those traditions, then it sounds like there’s some politics being played. And what really burns me up is when people suggest that me saying that folks are mad, they are angry, they are bitter after 25, 30 years of seeing jobs shipped out, pensions not fulfilled, health care lost, the notion that people are surprised, and are suggesting that I’m out of touch because I spoke honestly about people’s frustrations, that tells me there’s some politics going on.

Yes, of course, “[T]here’s some politics going on.” Sen. SnObama’s remarks were political; they were an attempt to explain a political reality; they were given at a political fund-raiser, while Sen. SnObama is running in a political campaign.

But perhaps we can excuse Sen. SnObama for getting caught off-guard by the strong resentment to his remarks. He did make the statement at a closed-door fund-raiser in San Francisco, where he had every expectation of being among elitist friends. Moreover, liberal disdain for small-town America, for faith, for self-reliance, isn’t exactly news. Neither is the smugness that continually oozes from Sen. “You’re likeable enough, Hillary” SnObama.

But the real reason why Sen. SnObama’s elitism isn’t news is that modern liberalism is inherently elitist:

Modern liberalism is based on the premise that some people are just too incompetent to make it on their own and need their superiors, like Sen. SnObama, to plunder the competent in their ersatz behalf.

Liberal cultural disdain for anyone who relies on God and himself isn’t merely a narrow-minded revulsion for what are misunderstood as antiquities. It is a key component of liberal political elitism. The enlightened, the Vanguard, understand that “regular people” need them, and they understand the noble position of benefactor-by-proxy in which fate has placed them. If some of those “regular people” don’t see that, it’s because they’re naive. That naivete explains why those ignorant small-town Pennsylvanians aren’t flocking behind Sen. SnObama. And that naivete is dangerous. If people think that something other than the civil government can take care of them, they won’t vote for a condescending would-be nanny who tells them otherwise. Such ignorance is a threat to leftist political hegemony. It must be mocked.

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9 thoughts on “The Real Elitism of Barack SnObama

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  2. I have been hearing about the Obama comment especially since I live in at small town in PA.

    There is a gun shop less than 1/2 mile from the elementary school. There are 4 churches in town all within walking distance of each other. You aren’t a local if you’ve been in town for less than 15 years. Many people hate illegal immigrants.

    We keep on hearing about opportunities for growth but the overall population keeps getting older, retiring and dieing. The kids keep moving out of town. Abandoned buildings dot the town and the local businesses in town are struggling, shutting down or moving. There isn’t much more than blue collar jobs within 25 miles of the town.

    YES administrations have let them down, yes they are angry and bitter about that my town used to be HUGE with manufacturing. With the local availability of coal and other materials it was a boom town. But as things changed, went overseas, were automated, and factories shut down the town is dying.

    People in these small towns are VERY patriotic and loyal. They love their country and still have parades where most of the town is marching so there are very few people watching. School is closed the first day of deer season. But there are is still a home town feel.

    Obama was partially right. These people are a stubborn bitter lot. But why not? They stand by what they love. Freedom, America and what it stands for. They still want to believe in the dream but so many administrations have broken that promise.

    What he was wrong about is that these people are not hate mongering anti establishment ignorant rednecks. In reality what they are are patriots, neighbors and families. They have traditions and habits and just want to have the opportunity to succeed.

    People in small town PA don’t like Obama because he is who he is. To them he appears as a illegal immigrant loving, gun stealing, tax raising liberal. Whether or not all that is true is another discussion.

  3. Why “SnObama?” If you’re going to stoop to the same level of base name-calling, why bother with the analysis? Why not just write “SnObama is smelly and a pooh pooh head?”

    Liberals don’t believe some people are too stupid to look after themselves, any more than conservatives believe that the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged should just hurry up and die. Or that they’re “born to rule.”

    I think you’re letting yourself off a bit lightly with such second rate analysis. Try harder?

  4. If you don’t listen to Dennis Prager’s Salem Radio talk show, you should. In fact, you can at

    Today’s show is already posted. Today, Prager made the point that he had declined to criticize Obama on the comment about not wanting a daughter ” to be punished with a baby, ” because that could be just an awkwardly worded expression to be used as a “Gotcha!” However, on this present comment, Prager said that he thinks it reflects how Obama actually thinks, because he is an Ivy League academic leftist, and leftist statism has always, since Marks, boiled everything down to resentment and economics. They are upset because they are economically and educationally derived.

    As George Will and Michael Medved pointed out, they “cling” to (rather than embrace, said Medved) things like guns and religion and guns and families to explain their frustration (rather than to government, Prager said was implied.

  5. I love your analysis. It’s sad how quickly this will be swept under the rug. And even sadder how may of our fellow Americans happen to believe as Obama does.

    Speaking of confiscatory plunder, get ready for Tax Day tomorrow!

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