Red Sox Opening Day

Finally home after an 18-day road trip that started the 2008 baseball season in Japan, the Boston Red Sox are set to receive their 2007 World Series rings at a ceremony this afternoon right before playing their home opener at Fenway Park. The ceremony begins around 1:00 with a parade of the flags from 62 countries inhabited by citizens of Red Sox Nation or other Red Sox fans. World Series championship banners are to be unfurled from the legendary Green Monster; then team members are to raise the W.S. flag on the center-field pole. Today marks the second time the World Series ring ceremony has taken place at Fenway Park in three years. I love the 21st century!

UPDATE 12:34: Dan Shaughnessy just reported that Bill Buckner is to throw out the first pitch. How cool is that?

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1 thought on “Red Sox Opening Day

  1. Buckner? ’86 wasn’t his fault, but he sure did take a lot of blame. I blame McNamara, but that’s just me. How about they bring back Buckner to throw out the first pitch of Game Six of the 2008 World Series?

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