Bill Clinton’s Weekend Tirade

Don’t mention the name Bill Richardson around Bill Clinton.

That’s a lesson Hillary Clinton supporter Rachel Binah learned the hard way, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The former president met privately with California’s superdelegates last weekend at the state’s Democratic Party Convention.

Ms. Binah told President Clinton that she was “sorry” to hear that Clinton supporter James Carville had called Gov. Richardson “Judas” for backing Barack Obama.

That was enough to unleash one of the former president’s trademarked temper tantrums.

“Five times to my face (Richardson) said that he would never do that,” Mr. Clinton exploded. He had flown in from Chicago and apparently looked like he could have packed his clothes in the bags under his eyes; his face flushed red, and, yes, he was pointing his finger. Yeah, Mr. President, I feel your pain. I hate when politicians lie to me, too.

Then Mr. Clinton went off on a tirade that ran from the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton to the voting in state caucuses.

Later, a calmer Mr. Clinton emphasized party unity and encouraged the delegates to “chill out”.

“It was one of the worst political meetings I have ever attended,” one superdelegate said.

On Tuesday, Richardson spokesman Pahl Shipley reiterated the claim that the Clinton Administration Secretary of Energy had never “promised or guaranteed” the Clintons his endorsement. I guess we know where he learned how to finesse language.

As for Ms. Binah, she returned home to find a phone message from State Party Chairman Art Torres, telling her that President Clinton wanted him to apologize on his behalf for what happened.

Still expecting others to clean up his messes, after all these years.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Weekend Tirade

  1. The irony is that the Clinton campaign is actively trying to get delegates “pledged” to Obama to defect and vote for Clinton! Shocking, isn’t it?

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