Now My Garlic Nose is Really Out of Joint

Jeremiah Wright’s racism can be pretty specific.

In the most recent issue of the Trinity Trumpet Newsmagazine, published by Trinity United Church of Christ, the pastor slurs Italians, according to

“The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans,” Mr. Wright explained, and Jesus’s death on the cross constituted a “public lynching[,] Italian[-]style”.

The Trinity Trumpet’s mission statement reads:

In fulfilling our church motto, “Unashamedly Black, unapologetically Christian”[,] and the mission of the pastor to educate, nurture and empower the people of God, the Trinity Trumpet is committed to honoring our African roots and traditions, to giving voice to our deepening faith in God and to serving the ethnic diversity in the global Christian community as well as those outside the church by highlighting journalistic issues that impact, address and speak to our shared human experiences and beliefs in a racially oppressive society.

Barack Obama and his family are members of TUCC and claim to have donated $22,500 to the church in 2006.

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3 thoughts on “Now My Garlic Nose is Really Out of Joint

  1. Does this “bible scholar” really not know all mediterranean cuisinses use a lot of garlic?

    Then again, I suspect he has worse terms for Jewish noses – except for Jesus, who Wright tells us, was black.

  2. As a person with some major Italian heritage, I was more than a little surprised to read this one earlier today. But I’m not gonna hold my breath to see if Wright is censured the way Imus was for his “nappy-headed ho’s” comment.

    This guy’s racism and ignorance seems to know no bounds.

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