Democrats: Rove Responsible for Spitzer’s Fall has figured out who’s really responsible for Eliot Spitzer’s fall: Karl Rove. I guess this makes sense to those who think that no one is ever responsible for his own failings, but Republicans are responsible for everyone else’s.

Just as Bill Clinton had to have an “inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky because “the Republicans” had shut down the government, Eliot Spitzer “was railroaded by the Corporate Media, led by Rupert Murdoch’s NYPost and FOX News, with Karl Rove’s ‘loyal Bushies’ leaking furiously from Bush’s InJustice Department”.

The finger-pointing continues:

“If hiring prostitutes is a disqualification for office, then David Vitter must resign today too. …

“If adultery is the standard, then Larry Craig must resign today, along with half the men in politics and the media. …

“If hypocrisy is the standard, then everyone in politics and the media must resign today, because there isn’t one who isn’t a hypocrite in some large or small way. Take Saint John McCain on torture, campaign finance, immigration, Iraq, global warming, lobbyists… you name it.” Okay, well, but even a stopped clock

This blame-shifting only shows the moral vapidity of leftist ideology. The person responsible for Eliot Spitzer’s fall is Eliot Spitzer, with an assist from Ashley Alexandra Dupre, nee Youmans, a.k.a. Kristen, the (inexplicably) $1,000/hour call girl with whom Gov.-for-the-rest-of-the-week Spitzer consorted. People are responsible for their own actions–not society, not sex addiction, not Karl Rove. Liberals’ holier-than-thou efforts to overturn this commensense reality have hurt more people than Eliot Spitzer’s “ethics” crusade.

h/t Rick Sincere

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1 thought on “Democrats: Rove Responsible for Spitzer’s Fall

  1. I never liked Spitzer, but it would have been constructive to see him defend his God given, and Constitutional right to pursue a happy life, including to have consensual sex, in his impeachment hearings.

    Americans are terribly hypocritical when it comes to sex, regardless of their political or religious affiliations. In speeches, there is so much blather about fidelity and defense of the so-called “traditional marriage” while in the real world, most of these “marriages” last fewer than five to seven years and monogamy is an open joke among most adults.

    If one reads American literature, there are a preponderance of stories where a wealthy white woman, prefers to have her husband “outsource” the duties of sex rather than indulge her husband, herself. There must be a reason for why this is such a common story line. Perhaps the Spitzer case is typical behavior among the wealthy in America and elsewhere.

    I do not commend or condemn Mr. Spitzer’s behavior. I do think that it is time that we bring this, “world’s oldest profession” out of the shadows and treat it just like any other mutually agreed upon business proposition between consenting adults. If you have a sore back, you can beg your wife to help or you can hire a Physical Therapist. I am sure that it is often more satisfying to have the service of a professional Physical Therapist. The same is true if one has a “sore” libido, the services of a professional might be what you might prefer.

    I believe that if this trade was acknowledged, licensed, regulated and taxed, the entire community would benefit. In Spitzer’s case, a third or more of his $80,000 whore bill, could have been recouped in the form of taxes, and license fees, and used for the benefit of the community. There would likely be a much lower rate of sex related disease and those who work in the so-called “sex worker” roles, would be safer and healthier.

    Many other societies in this world have legalized and regulated the sex trade and these countries seem to have a healthier and more honest attitude about adult behavior. In some of these countries, selling sex services is all that some can do to survive.

    Let’s face reality. Our political leaders from both parties have encouraged most of our industrial base to move offshore. We live in an increasingly hollow economic house of cards. Making money by selling sex services may be one of the few growth industries left in the United States given our current policies that are hostile to manufacturing, or any industrial endeavor.

    The economic legacy being left by our current political leadership for our next generation may be so stark that our daughters, and even our sons, may have to resort to becoming whores in order to survive, just as the children of those who live in the Third World countries do today.

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