The Marine/Puppy Video

The U.S. Marine Corps is investigating a video that appears to show a Marine in Iraq hurling a puppy over a cliff. A Marine news release calls the video (which this writer has viewed twice) “shocking and deplorable and … contrary to the high standards the Marine Corps expects of every Marine”.

But questions about the video have arisen, in part because the dog doesn’t move or make any noise while being held by the scruff of the neck and because yelps heard as it appears that the dog is going over a cliff sound possibly dubbed.

These questions haven’t stopped death threats against the man believed to be the puppy-throwing Marine. Even his family has faced harassment after their address and phone number were published yesterday.

Come on. Yes, the video is disturbing. And whether it’s really a doggy snuff film or just a puerile, tasteless hoax, those involved should be disciplined. But death threats are obviously extreme, and harassing the guy’s family inappropriate as well.

Let’s remember the American ideals that our armed services fight to protect, like the presumption of innocence, the right to trial, and the Rule of Law.

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71 thoughts on “The Marine/Puppy Video

  1. The actions of those morons are a slap in the face and nullify all the sweat and blood that have been spilled by other service members to do right. Perhaps the services should enforce a maturity test to weed these few bad apples out.

  2. This guys are retarded!!!!
    How would he think if someone takes his child and kills him just for fun!?
    That stupid marine has no feelings, just a jerk!!!
    I’m so ashamed of “Human Race”

  3. Huh?!
    I’m not sure I can make sense of that post.
    I haven’t heard of the American creed.
    We don’t tolerate animal cruelty. That’s why it’s against the law.
    I never said that people should all do what I do. I was pointing out that I’m not a hypocrite by drawing arbitrary lines among lives that matter and lives that don’t. I believe I was being accused of that and I was trying to clarify my pwn personal stand.
    Whatever, man.

  4. Let’s also remember that the American creed says that we’ll tolerate all ways of live.

    You do not do this.

    Fucking idiot.

  5. I agree that wanting to kill the guy and his family, making threats, and harrassing people over it is wrong. If you don’t condone senseless killing then we are in agreement about that. I’m just trying to point out that I don’t think it is awful only because it is a cute puppy.
    As for insects and rodents, getting rid of pest infestations makes perfect sense. But I would even go so far as to say that killing a bug or a rat for kicks, rather than for a good reason is wrong. I don’t draw lines between “cute” animals and “nasty” ones. When I find spiders in my house I put them outside. Go ahead and call me crazy, but I believe in respect for all life. That includes the perpetrator of this act and any family members he has. They should be left alone and he should be legally prosecuted.
    By the way, I didn’t know that there were multiple versions of this video out there. The one I saw looks way too real. I made me sick. I want to believe it is a hoax, but I don’t think it is.

  6. Yes, there is a huge difference between killing an animal for a purpose and in a humane manner and tormenting it. That dog hit with a thud, and we can only hope it died right away rather than suffering in the sand for any length of time.

    By the way, there is more than one version of the video floating around. I have seen a version that seems completely authentic (I believe the dog was alive as his or her tongue was moving around at the beginning, and there was no handoff). I’ve also seen a version with very fake yelps that are a person dubbing. So it’s been doctored and reposted.

    This guy shamed his country by acting in such a manner while in uniform, but his family was not there. I don’t find it fair to direct your outrage at these people, who are likely horrified at their progeny to begin with.

  7. It’s not flawed, you just choose to ignore whatever suits you.

    I could make the same point for insects and rodents. But then you’re just going to make another argument why those are an exception.

    Again, it’s just a line that’s drawn at an arbitrary point.

    I do not condone senseless killing, but the reactions of most here are extreme.

  8. I forgot to add, “Did the Marine eat the dog? Was he killing it for the meat?” Your logic is flawed.

  9. I’m a vegetarian, thank you.
    In any case, when you kill something for fun rather than for a useful pyrpose, such as to eat the meat, it is a shameful act. Killing for kicks is very wrong.

  10. See you are a hypocryite, you don’t even see the connection of your meat eating. Where do you think it comes from? A meat tree?

    Why don’t you care if chickens, cows, fish, pigs etc are tortured so you can eat your meat. But you do care if it’s a little pup, just because you think it’s cute.

    Now that’s what’s wrong with society, you all draw your own lines.

  11. Animal or human, the fact is that he tortured and killed a weaker creature. What it boils down to is that he is a bully, pure and simple. The video is probably real. Puppies hold still when they are held like that, and if he were dead his legs would not be tucked up. That is the typical “scruff of the neck” position that baby animals take when their mothers move them around. If that puppy were dead, his legs would dangle limply.
    Anyway, this is the same as torturing anyone who is defenseless. Bully and nothing to be proud of. That is most likely the reason that the so many Marines are ashamed of him. It takes no bravery, courage, or honor to do such a thing to an animal, a child, or a weaker adult.

  12. And what in the HELL does a PUPPY have to do with eatting meat?

    I don’t eat dog.

    Anyone else?

    It IS possible to be an animal lover and still eat meat. Jeeeezuz.

  13. I cannot believe how many of you are defending this twisted man and how many of you are saying “it’s just an animal”. Obviously, none of you have pets, and if you do, you don’t give a damn. Because the first thing that comes to mind when you read or see something like this is “what if that was my dog?”.

    I think it speaks ALOT about our society when people are saying it’s okay to kill animals. No matter what you heartless bastards think, animals DO have feelings and they are more than just animals. I’m willing to bet all you saying “just an animal” probably think that cruelty to animals shouldn’t be a felony and that dog fighting should be okay. Infact, I bet you were defending that bastard Michael Vick.

    If everyone in the US was more like Tall Mountain and all of you other good hearted people who demand justice to be served to this sick f*ck, it’d be a much better place.

    The day I have to put up with people who only excuse this behaviour is the day I move to the top of some friggen mountain and become a hermit. Because no matter what kind of animal, even if it had been a lizard, people should be angry and justly so. And I can assure you that if it was “just a lizard”, the ASPCA still would have stepped in. Obviously you’ve never watched Animal Cops on the Animal Planet because it’s not just dogs they save and care for.

    This guy should get a dishonorable discharge, especially with all this Myspace crap of his coming to light. But I guess him killing more animals and bragging about it is normal and okay too, huh guys?

    I would NEVER condone the harming of any being..human or not. This kind of brutality and barbarianism has no place in our Armed Forces. These people represent ALL of us, even those who are defending this guy, our whole country. I for one, don’t want the rest of the world thinking that America is nothing but a bunch of sickos who do nothing but torture and kill both humans and animals. But that’s exactly where we’re heading with certain mindsets that I’ve read here.

    And IF the Iraqi’s are ACTUALLY training dogs to do what was said above (which I’ve heard nothing about), then they are just as sick and twisted as the Marine. Yeah, the Marine didn’t blow the dog up, but he tossed him off a cliff. Both are equally inhuman and sick in my mind.

    Get a heart. That’s the problem with our country.

  14. yay for killing Iraqi babies!!!
    boo for killing a puppy!

    Yeah, it’s totally AMERICAN to kill and bomb other countries!!! I’m proud of the Marine MURDERERS!!!!!

  15. Fake or not, I can’t believe how easy you all judge the guy. I’ve never been in a war, I’d rather never go to one. But how can you expect people to stay sane in one. Give the guy a chance before you go offing his whole family.

    It’s not his fault, it’s not Iraq’s fault, it’s not even America’s fault. It’s the human race.

    As long as there are humans there will be war and senseless killing. And in all that innocent humans/animals will suffer. Give up, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    P.S. You better not be eating meat while condemning this guy either cause that’ll make you an even bigger hypocrite

  16. What is wrong with you people. Since when do we value the life of an animal over that of a man. Yes, fake or not this is a deplorable act, but it is still only a dog.

    Yes, there should be a punishment, but I cannot believe the hatred that I’ve read from post after post. I’d bet that 95% of you all have no idea what kinds of mental hardships that these soldiers face daily. At some point many of them snap. And for those many, there is a counselor that they can speak with about battle stress, but what Marine is going to go to his commander or squad leader and say “Hey, I’m sorry about your mission today. I’m a little stressed so I don’t think I’ll make it.”

    Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I know that if I don’t break this down very plainly many of you will react to what I’m say with one extreme or another. I do agree that this act is terrible. I also can’t believe that YouTube hasn’t taken it down yet. However, death threats and all this hatred need to find a different place. This soldier will be reprimanded by the UCMJ (which is a far more rigid code of justice than many of you will ever face) and we should leave it at that.

    By the way, I was previously stationed in Iraq and my unit was assigned the task of killing all of the wild dogs on the base after finding that several had rabies. Should all those in my unit be murdered as well for attempting rid out base of possible rabies infections?

  17. I am a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, 1972-1986. IF this video is real, and if I ever get the opportunity….I will beat his low life ass. He has no business claiming the title of a U.S. Marine. Tom Vohringer. Semper Fidelis.

  18. Anonymous,

    You say that sapience (i.e., self-awareness, higher reasoning) is the only moral compass that should determine whether or not an intelligent creature or non-intelligent creature is relevant. There are flaws with your assertion:

    1. With that line of reasoning then humans born with severe mental defect are by your moral standards irrelevant and can be “shunned” or even killed without any thought or regard whatsoever.

    2. Intelligent humans who by accident, disease or other tragic circumstance become mentally disabled are also subject to the rules of number one.

    3. Morality is subjective.

    4. Who determines the cut-off line for intelligence and self-awareness?

    Just because an animal cannot vocalize its thoughts (i.e., no vocal chord) does not mean it is not wise, is not self aware, does not mourn or show higher reasoning skills.
    Plenty of different types of animals are able to remember which types of plants to eat, where to go to find them and so on. They’re able to create dynamic and rich social structures. Elephants have been shown to return to the bones of their loved ones for months and years afterward. Dolphins, dogs and many types of apes are able to remember complex instructions, solve problems, use tools and even learn sign language.

    If we stretch time forward on a long enough graph I am certain that evolution will present a multitude of other fully self aware, fully intelligent creatures to share this world with us. However, I think they’re already here. We’re just unable to communicate and understand because we’re too busy listening to ourselves.

  19. Even to those who are vain before God, and use human morality to justify animal cruelty, let me just say that we humans, even the heartless among us, attach special status to animals that serve us; dogs, horses, porpoises, etc… These are social animals and are capable of devotion, as every pet owner knows. All social animals exhibit this behaviour in the wild, including elephants, wolves, lions, etc.. so it’s not all about ‘We feed them and shelter them and that’s why they are bound to us.’
    These individuals are deranged sociopaths and require punishment and psychological counseling.

  20. Mr. Tangent,

    The difference is that humans are sapient. I would put an equivalent moral status to any entity that shows the ability for advanced reasoning. This would include non-organic intelligences, should we create or encounter them. Yes, that means I’d save an artificially intelligent machine over a puppy.

    Pain/suffering is not sufficient, as this is only a neurological interpretation of damage. No different than a machine reporting damage to its components.

    The only measure I use to determine moral relevance is sapience. I’m not saying people *should* engage in cruelty to non-humans simply because the non-humans are morally irrelevant. I’m only saying that because non-humans lack moral relevance, that applying moral-based punishments to such humans is in and of itself immoral.

    I have no problem with them being shunned by other sapient entities, however.

  21. Anonymous said: “I am sad for my fellow man that so many think what this guy did warrants incarceration or death. When it comes down to it, it’s just an animal.”

    Then you mention logic and most notably hypocrisy. It’s funny that as a wo/man who believes themselves to be “logical” that you could not see that we are animals ourselves. Just because we invented god, and walk upright and have a gift for intelligence does not somehow make us non-animals. We are born of the same stuff that all other animals are. We live in the same environment (the earth). The fabric of our existence is woven tightly around the same material that theirs is. Our lives are inexorably linked. It’s at the height of egoism and detachment from reality to label ourselves as somehow superior or removed from the natural order. We are the apex predators solely due to intelligence, but befitting this intelligence we should act accordingly with respect and compassion for the other creatures we share this world with.

  22. This is just one of many videos coming out of Iraq of the military’s dishonorable actions; there are others of them throwing grenades at sheep and their shepherds. I know it’s a tough place to be, but our troops, especially in the Internet age, need to be much more respectful and intelligent. This is not only sick, but also a greater representative of how the military is treating all Iraqis.

  23. I HOPE the low life responsible for taking an innocent life suffers such a cruel fate. Everyone makes it seem …”seem” like this is “just a dog”…However this is only a small glimpse of the unspeakable. This just managed to get out. I hope they-the “great” marines rot in hell.

  24. who cares? it’s a dog!! just a dog, do u know how many dogs are running around loose in iraq starving? i’ve been there i know. the dog was probably already dead and he was getting rid of it. people need to realize dogs are not humans its not like he killed a person. he didn’t even torture the dog. he threw, the probably already dead, carcus over a cliff.

  25. people who kill animals with no remorse are the same people who turn into sociopathic killers.

    i.e. the iceman who began as a child by kicking dogs off of roofs and putting cats into his fireplace. what a wonderful person for you to be defending. yeah, it’s ‘just a puppy’…for now.

  26. If you want to talk about ‘extreme’ behavior, maybe you should focus on the defender-of-our-country hurling a live animal off a cliff. True, death threats are extreme. But that’s the type of response you get when you do something extreme yourself. If you don’t want people to be an asshole to you/your family… then maybe you should think about 1) your actions 2) representing the marines and your country in an honorable fashion.

  27. They should immediately be dishonorably discharged. There’s no place for them in the marines. Then they should receive a damned stiff beating by the more honorable among them for bringing dishonor and shame to the core and to make the point that the words ‘cruelty’ and ‘Marine’ don’t belong in the same sentence. That’s how it used to be done.

  28. I am sad for my fellow man that so many think what this guy did warrants incarceration or death. When it comes down to it, it’s just an animal. Just because it’s a puppy doesn’t give it any greater standing than if it were a newt. People are getting all riled up because puppies are cute and furry and many have emotionally-charged memories relating to their own pets. But, when it comes down to it, it’s jut an animal. Yes, even your pets are just animals. Their value is in how much they mean to YOU.

    Yes this guy is screwed up in the head, but even so he is a sapient entity, a puppy is not. His actions only warrant social disgust and shunning at most.

    This is similar to how people get all up in arms when wild horses are hunted. Horses in North America are an invasive species (like fire ants), and it’s simply emotional ridiculousness that drives people to ban their removal from the North American wilds.

    Gah, I wish most people would learn how to rid themselves of hypocrisy and illogical reasoning.

  29. This video is so sad. Reading that you are defending that psycho is worse. He is mental and people who abuse animals are known to have mental disease. He is suppose to be defending the USA and that is disturbing. WHat are the marines doing to punish that asshole? It gives me a whole new perspective to the Marine Corps. My boyfriend is in the army in the same disgusting conditions being shot at and bombed left and right and he would NEVER do anything so messed up. The Marines need better psychological testing before they ship those men out the fight for our country.

  30. This sick and twisted guy needs to be incarcerated. I am frightful that someone that devalues life so much may have done other atrocious things to people outside of a camera’s watchful eye. Thankfully the fury he has incited from the public is a modicum of retribution for that animal’s senseless and cruel death.

  31. Well apparently this is not the first act of violence against animals that this person (David Motari) has had. On myspace he has a page and there are several video’s of military officials whether it be him i do not know killing animals for no reason. This jackass is sick, and the fact that some people comparing this to human beings is stupid. That puppy did not do anything or any of the other animals in the other video’s.This Guy is proud of what he did and that makes him a asshole. The puppy was real you can tell by the video and so are the other animals on his myspace page. And how anybody can condone this type of behavior is just as messed up as he is. This is clearly some kind of mental illness and does not need to be serving in the military for any reason. He needs to be evaluated and locked up.

  32. Oh, like everyone hasn’t had the desire to throw a puppy off a cliff at least once in their life.

    Before being crushed by the laws of gravity, that puppy enjoyed a free-fall of his life! Wheeeeeeee!!

  33. I hope the video is a fake. However, Sadaam torturing his own people is a non subject if you ask a Liberal protesting us stopping that in Iraq.

    It’s always hatred towards the US and our military every excuse they get, but a blind eye towards the real perpetrators of evil in the world.

  34. As a former Marine myself, I was infuriated at the acts of these individuals. Fake or not, and I’m still PRAYING it’s fake, why make such a video? The fact that you are somewhat defending this guy makes me ill.

    Toss him off a rocky cliff to his death! We don’t need people like this in our world…it’s sick enough as it is.

  35. If the video is real I hope that marine will get a bullet in the head. I’d be very happy about it. If it’s a fake, well it’s just tasteless…

  36. Folks, the video is bad. Yes. And the guys involved should be punished for doing such a thing. Yes.

    But death threats? Harassing his family? Of course Leslie’s going to speak up for the soldier on these issues, we all should speak up for anyone on these issues. They’re inexcusable, especially when the actual identity of the soldier has yet to be confirmed and an actual inquiry or trial has yet to completed.

    This is about due process and common decency, not just toward a puppy but a man and his family who do not deserve to be harassed by anonymous protesters who want to make it about something none of them have a real impact on.

  37. I viewed this video and I believe it will turn out to be real.

    Adding the dog wimpering sound and getting it to match the ambient noise and sound levels is no easy task.

    In addition there is an audible thump at the end when the puppy hits the ground and this would not be the type of thump a stuffed toy would produce and again very hard for an amateur to insert this type of sound file into a video and sound as realistic as it does.

  38. Actually, someone who calls themselves an “Ex-Marine” usually got kicked out or otherwise forced out. Marines call themselves “Marines” or “Former Marines”. They are pretty specific with that, try calling a Marine an “Ex-Marine”( Hint: Cover your face).

  39. Whether or not the video is fake will be told in due time. If its real, that man should have his balls cut off. If its fake, then we’ve all been duped into believing it. To all of you who are defending this guy, just put yourself in that puppies position. He is not fighting for our freedom. He is fighting to enjoy himself. I guess we’ll have to see.

    P.S. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and you shouldn’t put down people for voicing it.

  40. Not a “Marine”, not a “Soldier”…. A COWARD. In the state I live in, Animal Cruelty (597 PC) is a Felony. The creep belongs in jail! As for you Leslie, you are also a lesser form of scum for defending this COWARD. You should be ashamed of yourself! Message Poster “capt america” said: “iraqi insurgents are raising these dogs to deliver bombs in suicide terrorist missions against the marines.” Open your eyes super hero….. Do you see a bomb on that dog? Who said dog was fake? Sounds like some cheap attorneys defense to a VALID charge. To all the other posters, stop making BS excuses for this killer. Imagine that was your dog, or your child, or you! Look at any “human killer”. It all started with killing little defenseless animals. That’s where it starts.

  41. What do you expect from a dump ass Marine ? Any kind of respect or even humanity? C`mon folks , why would they join this bunch of losers who can`t make it in civil life? Give them a gun and a little power ( over defensless civilains ) and they freak out. I am not surpised at all. Who else but a total failure would join this lousy club for 20 k a years if he hadn`t a major problem in his head . Well I just hope some Iraqies find the guy and do to him what he did to the Puppy. Just a lot slower.

  42. Look closer.

    Watch for the hand-off.

    No zip-ties.

    The ‘Net: The Multitude. The Impressionable. The Stampede.

  43. If it was fake, then why are the animal’s feet zip-tied together?
    The Marines: The Proud. The Few. The Torturers.

  44. A tip of the hat for not being reactionary. I think the video is real. Puppies tend to be still and silent in that position. Still, I have seen very, very persuasive videos, made by close friends, depicting things that were not at all real. I will wait before submitting my condemnation. As far as threats on the man’s family go; they are more criminal and mindless than anything a person can do to a puppy.
    Does the marine, either way, deserve discipline? No doubt. Is there something to the idea that such training is likely to, sometimes, lead to this sort of indifference to life? Of course.

    So many ways people find to be reactionary. *shakes head*

  45. Back when super-8 cameras were top-of-the-line technology, my middle school friend and I made a reel to show our friends and family. We had to be creative with scripting since it would cost us several weeks of allowance to have the film developed.

    We used stopwatches, shouted commands and basic synchronization to pull of some shocking stunts for the time (and given our youthful imaginations).

    We hovered over lawns with out legs tucked and simulated fiery crashes with plastic vehicles. See, back then it was ok for kids to play with matches and ride bikes without helmets since we understood the consequences.

    Our most shocking portion of our film was when we “killed” my friend’s Family Kitty.

    Smart and knowing, she sat nearby as we organized each scene. She sat willingly in one spot as my friend placed a box over her and walked off screen.

    That’s where I cut.

    We replaced the real kitty with a toy cat, making sure that the box was correctly oriented and that all participants were out of the frame. Then I rolled.

    My friend walked onscreen with an axe and proceeded to obliterate the box and its contents. Once he walked out of the frame, I cut.

    We replaced the real kitty underneath the mangled box, cleared the frame and rolled.

    My friend walked up to the box and picked it up to reveal his immortal cat, purring and rubbing her head on his neck in a kitty-kinda “high five”.

    We did that for shock-value. We did it because we had to make up our own entertainment. We did it to show off our skills at making movies.

    What I see in the “Puppy Video” is some staging, misguided imagination (we were kids) and far too much boredom.

    If it turns out to be real, the people making threats should consider watching some videos of baby seals being clubbed to death. That’s plural. “Baby sealS.”

    Put the power of Many Voices to work on greater causes.

    You’re shocked because you don’t know what “shock” is.


  46. I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by someone throwing a puppy off of a cliff or by the fact that people get riled up more by it than other forms of violence!

    I think it’s a bit telling how twisted our society has become when people are more upset about cruelty against a cute furry mammal than they are against their fellow man. (I doubt there would be an outcry if it were a snake or a lizard, either).

  47. It is my understanding that the iraqi insurgents are raising these dogs to deliver bombs in suicide terrorist missions against the marines. Isn’t that a factor here? This is a deplorable act of animal abuse on part of the iraqi insurgents. In fact, these terrorists gave the marine no other choice but to preempt a terrorist strike by removing the threat. As usual, the liberal media and the bleeding hearts are all over this. I remind them that if it wasn’t for this proud soldier protecting their freedom, they wouldn’t be in such a position of privilege to insult true american Heros.

  48. This scum bag has a My Space page and ADMITS to doing this one year ago… He is actually online now…Our tax dollars hard at work…For him to film the senseless slaughter of this innocent puppy and use my space to defend his actions and express his regret that he got caught…oh and complain about all the flack that he is getting. Great! There is no excuse for him or his marine buddies. This is so wrong on so many levels. What other kind of “mercy” killings/torture is he participating in…Or will he participate in when he returns to the good old USA??? There is something very wrong with someone who tortures animals and takes joy in it. The “stress” of combat is a pathetic lame excuse…He certainly didn’t seem very stressed in that video. He was enjoying and LAUGHING about it. There are many honorable soldiers who are serving their country with pride, decency and honor. This is not the type of individual that should be in posession of a weapon. He is in need of psychiatric help before a human becomes his next innocent victim. He should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  49. This story is sick! This guy is sick! The fake puppy theory doesn’t hold any possibility of truth. Any animal lover knows that when a pup is being held by the scruff of his neck, it is associating that with the natural activity of the mother and most animals liken that with the reassurance of the mother’s protection and remain calm and peaceful. This guy should take the same leap and see how amusing it appears then.

  50. This guy is giving Marines a bad name. You can say all you want about how being over there has messed him up, but the truth is he is just one twistes f–k. My husband is a Marine and was over and Iraq twice, and he is the biggest animal lover I know. The horrors of Iraq are no excuse for such disgusting acts. It’s just another reason to get everyone home.

  51. How absolutely disqusting. This “marine” has no right to come back to America. Then the Marines want to protect him? Throw him off the cliff. I’m ashamed to say he represents the Marines.

  52. Why’s everyone surprised? What do you expect from these trained fighters? Lets not throw them off a cliff, but it could take years to unlearn the Marine Corps Mentality.
    I’ve taken Artistic license in calling myself an X Marine – the whole point is that I no longer see myself as one. (good thing!) You might recall in the Bible how Paul “saw the light” and went from being an important Jew of Jews to becoming one of the most important biblical writers and Christian leader. In the same way, I’ve been able to see what the USMC is (in truth). I’m not bashing it, I’m just VERY glad to be out and that I’ve been able to put those experiences behind me. The Corps has left its mark, but I won’t let it control who I am. (so, I am an X Marine) Hopefully these guys will be able to leave it behind them when their time is up.

  53. Unfortunately people find this subject so uncomfortable they have to label it a hoax. This is undoubtedly real and you people reading this will have to come to terms with what this incident says about you as a person and about your society in general. You can’t hide from this by saying it is a hoax. You can’t hide from the fact that a so-called soldier in your country ‘s uniform committed this act. You may not be the caring thoughtful person you pretend to be. How can you allow this? Where is your Christian god? Where is your morality? You may be lying to yourself and your families about what is in your heart. Stop pretending.

  54. This is absolutely disgusting!! I am so ashamed to call him a Marine! How could a human being do this to a poor helpless animal? I am honestly at a loss for words right now! I wish I would have never came across this video!! How disgusting he must be!!! Someone should toss him off a cliff as far as I’m concerned!

  55. It IS shocking and deplorable… but what else I find infuriating is that the military issues a swift condemning statement about this jerk, and the same Military totally stood by when a female pregnant Marine was murdered last month by a fellow soldier who alledgedly raped her, allowing the murderer/rapist to escape to Mexico, all the while condemning the female soldiers character. What kind of double standard crap is that?

  56. When held by the scruff of the neck correctly, dogs (and cats) will not whimper or make noise. It is actually a relaxing state for them– a complacent state (think- thier mothers carry them in this fashion when they are wee pups).

    That being said, we cannot for one moment consider that this is not a true incident. Sorry, cant believe in “innocent until proven guilty” in a case like this. They videotaped the evidence. If you saw someone killing a human being in this fashion, would open your mind up to it being a hoax?

    Ah, yet another piece of evidence of the mentality of the military… It is infuriating to see this kind of stuff. Those military guys should be thrown off the cliff as well.

  57. OH, but its ok for Bush to bomb (killing innocent PEOPLE) and invade Iraq. Talk about a double standard.

  58. It’s beyond me how someone could even do something as heinous as this. If it’s real – I have nothing but disdain for him and I’m ashamed that he is an American. If it’s a hoax – who could possibly find this humorous in any way? It’s sick, and irresponsible. Studies have shown that serial murderers start out killing or torturing animals. It’s a sick mind that does this to something that cannot defend itself. Puppies often go motionless when picked up by the nape of the neck, so to just say it was fake because the puppy didn’t move is rediculous. I would like to believe that he will be properly disciplined for this, one way or another. But that still won’t bring that little puppy back, nor will it repair the tarnished image that this careless idiot bestowed on the Marines.

  59. This is just business as usual in Iraq. Welcome to the failure of the human race. It’s called war. Wake up America, you bunch of lazy over fed sheep.

  60. Tall-mountain claims to be an “X Marine”, whatever that is. I’m not sure whatever happened to “once a Marine, always a Marine,” but I’m sure that even failures learned in the Corps, if not grammar school, that “ex-Marines” may exist but the same can’t be said for “X Marines.”[sic]

    In the meantime, thanks Leslie for being a voice of reason in a firestorm of nitwits who’d kill someone over a fake dog while tacitly condoning the conduct of the murderers he faces daily. We’ll all know soon enough; if he’s guilty, he’ll face the consequences, that’s the beauty of the U.S.



  61. This is sick and twisted on many levels. Whether it’s real or not the implication is there.
    No, death threats are never the answer to such actions taken by individuals who do not think before they act, but maybe they will see just how much others truly care about those little ones who cannot care for themselves. And in all honesty, it does seem as if you’re in the corner of the soldier. Just remember, animals eat, breathe, sleep and feel just like we do.

  62. I’m an X Marine – there are plenty of guys out there dumb enough to do this for real…even as a Weird Al Yankovick copycat video this is stuff that should make you wonder whether the military might be getting desperate for people willing to die for corporate democracy

  63. Fake or not I can’t believe you are somewhat defending this guy. Your are right, innocent until proven guilty but video does not lie. fake or not it’s not up to par for the people defending our country

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