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Colonial Williamsburg

The good old days.

Now that I’ve finished with the occasional video series on boot camp, I can devote more of my attention to a series on Colonial Williamsburg.

Unlike the series on Hawaii, which told the story of my visit there more or less chronologically, the Colonial Williamsburg series is going to be thematic.

Themes will include, of course, political history and the ideas that form the foundation of the United States of America.

They will also include matters related to 18th-century life in a colonial capital city,

including work,

seasons and rhythms,

and gathering places like taverns and coffeehouses.

Most of all, I hope to explore the intersections of daily life with the great ideas of the period, e.g. how taverns and coffeehouses provided the venues where ideas were shared, challenged, and refined.


This series will feature lots of photographs and videos. Please let me know if there are any particular themes you’d like to see addressed. I hope you enjoy it.

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Resources to help plan your trip to
Colonial Williamsburg

Find flights.  There are three small airports near Williamsburg:

Search hotel rooms/suites.  The best lodging options in Colonial Williamsburg are:

Make dinner reservations.  There are four operating taverns in Colonial Williamsburg, and I highly recommend dining in at least one of them:

Buy Air Tags.  Always know where your bags are.

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Use the right rewards credit cards.  Some good options that pay you cash-back or travel points:

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Read reviews.  Not sure about something?  TripAdvisor has lots of real-people reviews for things to do in Williamsburg.


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