The Pattern

No Republican presidential candidate generates the excitement that Ron Paul inspires. Supporters for other candidates this primary season have consistently fallen back on a familiar apologetic pattern when defending their choices: “Sure, he’s not perfect, but”–and then comes the litany of what’s wrong with all the other guys–“John McCain is an ill-tempered gag-ruler; Mike Huckabee is a pro-life liberal; Mitt Romney is a plastic flip-flopper; Fred Thompson is a big-government Eyore; Rudy Giuliani is a pro-abortion adulterer.” That’s why my friend and fellow Ron Paul supporter Doug Jones was the only voter troubling to hold up a sign for any candidate at his Fredericksburg polling place. And it’s why Republicans face an uphill battle in November.

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2 thoughts on “The Pattern

  1. Too true. The Republican base is fractured even worse than the Dems are. And there seem to be so many hard-headed voters eager to sit this one out “to teach them a lesson.” I wish I could find something to get excited about, but McCain has too many liberal tendencies. And Ron Paul has too many questionable beliefs on race. Sadly, I don’t even think he stands a chance against the pre-anointed McCain, let alone Obama.

    Time to hold one’s nose and vote for whoever the non-Democrat candidate turns out to be. And keep holding it for another 4 years.

  2. It kills me to think the best I can offer in support of the presumed GOP nominee is “He is better than Obama or Hillary”
    I have been looking at McCains website, trying to find a reason to be inspired…it’s not happening.

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