John McCain: Unfit to be President

Two months ago, the idea that Sen. John McCain would head into Super Tuesday as the GOP frontrunner was laughable.

The idea is now anything but funny. John McCain is one of the two most unfit candidates running in the Republican pack.

Yesterday’s Washington Post ran an article about Sen. McCain’s infamous temper. The Senator is legendary for his very unsenatorial cursing tirades against policy opponents, including those in his own party.

But as disturbing as this behavior is, trying to silence colleagues with uncivil language pales beside trying to silence citizens with unConstitutional law.

And that, regrettably, is Sen. McCain’s chief legislative achievement. The McCain-Feingold gag law bans political speech of precisely the sort that is protected by the First Amendment.

Just as Sen. McCain’s tirades demonstrate a disdain for the traditions of the Senate, the law that bears his name reveals his contempt for the U.S. Constitution, for the heritage of republican government, and for the freedom of ideas.

No one who seeks to limit political speech is fit to serve as President of the United States. Republicans, please vote for the First Amendment. Please vote against John McCain.

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5 thoughts on “John McCain: Unfit to be President

  1. My personal reason for not being able to vote for McCain is his “disappointment” in the recent Supreme Court decision allowing habeus corpus rights for the Guantanamo Detainees.

  2. John McCain, a “straight talker” or an impostor?

    Large numbers of Americans who know and dislike Senator John McCain are amazed at his ability to dupe the public… Really, it’s difficult for us to comprehend such high levels of excitement about his candidacy for president when we think about his conduct while a prisoner of war in Vietnam and his * public comments when praising Judge A. Cristol for his conclusions about the underlying causes of the Israeli Assault on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5), June 8,1967. These events suggest there is much bigger authority influencing our thinking and behavior in everyday life than we realize.

    I can tell you as an old sailor who spent more time on the Navigation and Signal bridge of warships in combat before, during and after WWII than any public official in the history of this country that the Israeli Assault on USS Liberty (AGTR-5) June 8, 19676 was no accident; and anyone who claims it was is either a fool, a novice or an Israeli apologist… And in my opinion John McCain is neither a fool nor a novice!

    Aye, I also say that anyone who would deny those brave uniformed Americans who were killed and wounded on that sunny day, June 8, 1967 an opportunity to have their grievances heard by congress, is not only an impostor but is a traitor!

    And USS Liberty survivors and I stand ready to debate the issue with him and Judge A. Jay Cristol, author of “The Liberty Incident” on primetime broadcast television with polygraph examiners disclosing the veracity our answers.

    * “After years of research for this book, Judge A. Jay Cristol has reached a similar conclusion to one my father reached in his June 18, 1967, endorsement of the findings of the court of inquiry. I commend Judge Cristol for his thoroughness and fairness and I commend this work. Senator John McCain.”

  3. From Yahoo!:

    The open field — the first since 1952 in which the ballots were missing a sitting president or vice president — had voters plotting some mindbending hypothetical strategies.

    In Grayslake, Ill., where voting took place outside a restored barn, Steve Greenberg couldn’t decide between Obama and Clinton — so he went with McCain.

    “If the Democrats lost, I’d be more comfortable with him,” he said.

    Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

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