Fairfax Adminstrator’s Wife Calls Students "Snotty-Nosed Little Brats"

This is a message that Candy Tistadt, wife of Fairfax County Schools chief administrator Dean Tistadt, left on a student’s voicemail. The student, Dave Kori, had called the Tistadts’ home to ask why the schools hadn’t been closed on Thursday in light of the snow.

During Mrs. Tistadt’s minute-long, shrill tirade, she whines about her husband’s frequent “meetings for snotty-nosed little brats” and shrieks, “Get over it, kid, and go to school!”

Mrs. Tistadt, you owe the taxpayers of Fairfax County an apology. Your husband is a public servant. Your shrill scolding of a student, presumably the son of taxpayers like me who pay your husband’s salary, is completely out of line. If you don’t want your husband to spend his time on matters concerning those you consider “snotty-nosed little brats”, encourage him to pursue another line of work. Or “get over it”.

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22 thoughts on “Fairfax Adminstrator’s Wife Calls Students "Snotty-Nosed Little Brats"

  1. > Parasites like teachers and administrators and coaches should have to take calls wherever and whenever their employees want them to.

    Oh, gimme a break. I’m as small-l libertarian as they come and this comment is flat-out ludicrous.

    They are taxpayer employess, not taxpayer slaves. They do not need to be at your beck and call, Massuh, just to justify their paycheck.

    Calling for an apology is flat-out wrong. Expecting them to be available to take serious calls are one thing — giving the number to a kid to whine about not getting out of school because he thinks it ought to be a SNOW DAY?

    C’mon. How whacked are you people that you can’t grasp that kids have no reason to be calling administrators, esp. for trivial crap like this? You people DESERVE public education. Any kid tried this with the admin of a private school and he’d be out on his tukus so fast he’d have a carpet burn on it.

    I have a particularly lousy opinion of public schools but I CAN say that if I’d ever have done anything like this my backside would be VERY TENDER. And as an adult, I’d agree that such would be the correct response.

    Geez. Get a life, people.

  2. This woman is also on the school system payroll. She is a secretary at Eagle View Elementary School in Fairfax County. She should not be allowed to work around children, and high ranking bureaucrats should not be allowed to put their wives on the payroll.

    By the way, Candy Tistadt did not go to work that day!

  3. Wake up, people! That kid *is* a disrespectful snotty-nosed brat. He had absolutely no business bothering Mr. Tistadt and his family at their home over a school and work-related issue and invading their privacy. She told him exactly like it is and should be commended for it. I’m from New York, and I’ve certainly never heard of anybody closing down schools over a measly 2 or 3 inches of snow. I partially blame the phone companies for this. They shouldn’t publish their customers’ names and home addresses in a public directory unless they specifically *ask* to be listed. It’s stupid how they require you to ask them and make you pay extra just to have an unlsted phone number, I say it should be the other way around.

  4. The fact of the matter is, that the woman is an adult. A “mature” adult. Where does she get off a: talking to a student like that, and b: calling the other students “snotty-nosed little brats.” This is in no way justified. come, on lady….be the bigger person, here.

  5. If I had done that as a kid, this is what would have happened: When I got home from school after walking 60 miles barefoot through 3-ft deep snow, my parents would have beaten me to within an inch of my life for being disrespectful to a school administrator, but mostly for going over their head – and usurping their parental authority – to complain directly to the school.

    The snot-nosed brat in question needs an old-fashioned spanking!

    Bravo to the wife for telling the precocious little brat off!

  6. The kid was being a whiney little brat when he called them at home. I don’t care if he thinks that “he comes from a different generation…the cel phone generation”. Grown adults, by nature of the fact that we have about 10,000 more worries a day to deal with than a teenage kid, have the BASIC RIGHT to not be harassed at home (however get a clue…unlisted number next time).

    That said, the thing that disturbs me the most about this is the fact that guy’s wife HERSELF works at an elementary school. I don’t know…I wouldn’t want any woman working at my kid’s school throwing around the ole “snotty nosed brat” phrase. That’s your job TOO lady…and if that’s what you think of kids you should pick another profession for YOURSELF.

  7. Even though I don’t commend her actions or her tone, I think that Ms. Tistadt is at least partially justified. I do not know the Tistadts or have anything whatsoever to do with the Fairfax schools, but it seems to me that this verbal assault must have been triggered by something that she perceived as harassment. (I agree with both tom and yndygo on that point; it would be very revealing to hear the message or messages from Mr. Kori that preceded this.) If this call was received on a private phone line, then it is her business how she chooses to respond to it. It would be quite another story if this tirade was issued over a state- or district-funded line, when the (spouse-of-)employee-of-taxpayers line of attack could be used, but the fact of her marriage to a school administrator in no way obviates her right to free speech. People don’t lose their right to privacy simply because they accept a government paycheck. The one who crossed the line was the kid who called a school administrator at home rather than at the office (while apparently insinuating, per Ms. Tistadt’s message) that said administrator was avoiding calls.

    Perhaps she should apologize for her tirade, but whoever made this available to the world on YouTube should apologize to her. I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t Ms. Tistadt have a reasonable expectation of privacy, regardless of her awareness that this call was being recorded? Guilty as I am of a few telephone pranks in my youth, I believe this whole thing smells of a set-up, and Mr. Kori may have hit the jackpot.

  8. More name-calling and accusations from parasites. Do I have to be a politician to be aware of how we are all victims of that class? Do I have to work as a “teacher” to know what they are about? As a matter of fact, both my spouse and I have close relatives who are “teachers”. We’ve been in the schools as children and as parents. We’ve run for school board while suffering illegal and unethical behavior by the school administrators and “teachers” of the district. We’ve spent years attending board meetings and observing the behaviors and intellects of those in “education” and we know of what we speak. Getting qualified to “teach” school is one of the easier things. Many a village idiot has. It’s to be expected that those who are living off taxpayers while indoctrinating children would be defensive when called on it.

  9. The phone call is out of line. On the other hand, I’d like some balance by hearing what the voicemail she was responding to consisted of.

    The idiot commenting anonymously at 8:52a has clearly never worked in education at any level, nor known anyone who has.
    Teachers and Administrators, whether in public or private education rarely ever get to put in even 8 hour days… 12-14 is more the norm.

    But does that excuse the phone call from Mrs. Tistadt? No. It was an error on her part, most likely made out of frustration.

    She should definitely apologize – but she should also be cut a little slack – because it can’t be easy to constantly deal with the folks like the oh-so-brave anonymous commenters one here who judge and condemn without a clue as to the reality of the job.

  10. Have others noticed how frequently people who want to argue and don’t have a legitimate point, resort to calling people Nazis or Islamo-Fascists, or Taliban or homophobes or sexists or some such silly thing? These folks don’t want to deal with the issue, they don’t have a rebuttal, so they think by calling names or accusing others of being the villain du jour they have ended the argument. Sorta like the many times you offer your proof to some poor soul and s/he counters with “That’s just your opinion.” Then goes happily on her/his way, thinking s/he has won the argument.

  11. To my avid reader, maybe you should put your books down and go out and smell the roses!
    Should logic tell Mr.Tistadt to shut down the school system when we get two inches of snow?
    Does logic tell you that Mrs. Tistadt should just ignore these annoying calls?
    I think logic is something that you might have a problem with.
    Come on good buddy, get out of that hole and enjoy yourself!

  12. Tom, not sure what your rantings have to do with the topic. I suspect you or a family member are a parasitic ox being gored by this. Better double up on your Ritalin.

    For any posters who deal in logic, just read what former teacher John Gatto has written about his experience in the government brain laundries and his dealings with the parasites. Or read Samuel Blumenfeld’s books about “education”. Or read Charlotte Iserbyt’s exposes of the Department of Education. Only the ignorant, willfully or otherwise, can’t figure this out.

  13. Anon 9:23
    Go back to the Taliban!
    I’m sure the US deseved 9/11!
    Imagine a country wanting to educate their children.
    I have a hunch your god is way better than mine. I also have a hunch, that if your family got in trouble you would be the first person asking those parsites to come to your aid.
    I’m also sure you are making huge impact on your world.
    Dig a hole and crawl in.

  14. This woman is a little too explosive to be out in the community.
    Frankly, this woman needs mental help.
    I feel bad for the kid.

  15. Obviously, I have written “employees” when I meant to write “employers”. I’ll excuse your typos with the understanding that you will excuse mine. Otherwise, I’ll take the time to point out all yours.

  16. to tom: I’m sick to death of the term “public servant”. Public servants are not politicians, bureaucrats and school “teachers”. Parasites like teachers and administrators and coaches should have to take calls wherever and whenever their employees want them to. Taxpayers are supposed to be their employees but that’s not how it works in this world. I don’t know or care how many calls Kori made there or how many others made there. Whether the schools are open or closed our money is being wasted. As for Mrs. T., if her behavior is evidence of guts then we should all have such guts when school employees call our homes demanding to know where our children are when they don’t arrive at the institution as required by the institution. When they demand excuses and explanations for what we do with our own children we should all tell them to get back in line. When they demand our children’s SSNs and demand we have our children innoculated with dangerous chemicals and force their ungodly views on our children, captive in their institutions, we should all refuse.

  17. TAs a taxpayer do you think a public servant should have to deal with work related calls while he is at home?
    Do you think this was Mr. Kori’s s first call to Mr. Tistadt’s home? Maybe you should check that out.
    How many people do you think complain that Mr. tistadt closes school to easily and complain that their tax dollars are being wasted because the kids aren’t in school.
    That Mrs Tistadt reacted with a politically incorrect call gives me faith that some people still have the guts to satnd up for themselves.
    When I was a kid aI never wanted to go to school, but I didn’t go begging every time it snowed an inch.
    Why should two inces of snow shut down anything.

  18. I’ve been a student in the government school system and I’ve (sadly)put my own children into that system (would never do it again) and that woman’s tirade is typical of the attitude of that bunch of parasites living off taxpayers. Always crying around about how hard they work for so little money. Most of them work fewer than 8 hours a day and only nine months a year. Their days are spent acting like children as they interact with children. Worst of all they are paid, not to educate, but to indoctrinate. They are worse than useless. They are evil.

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