Second Amendment Still on Life Support

To the chagrin of gun-grabbers and other opponents of the Constitution, a Virginia House committee voted yesterday not to cut off life support to the Second Amendment.

The Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee shot down a requirement that sellers conduct background checks at gun shows.
Liberals had sought to exploit the massacre at Virginia Tech in advancing their war on the Bill of Rights. On April 16, a mentally disturbed student, Seung Hui Cho, fatally shot 32 people, and wounded many more, before killing himself. Because firearms were forbidden on campus, all rule-abiding students, faculty, and staff were left defenseless.

Mr. Cho had passed mandatory background checks prior to purchasing the two handguns used in the slaughter. But, invoking logic that only a liberal could love, gun-grabber wanna-bes insisted that, if he had not been allowed to purchase weapons at a gun store, he could have done so at a gun show without the trouble of a background check.

The Committee rejected the if-one-law-fails-layer-on-another approach so loved by statists, and freedom may continue to breathe, or at least gasp, at gun shows in Virginia.

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