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Evangelicals for the Nanny State

Evangelicals longing for expansion of the nanny state have found their candidate in Mike Huckabee.

From the Washington Post:

Joel Hunter, an evangelical pastor who heads the Orlando megachurch Northland, A Church Distributed, said his congregants are particularly receptive to Huckabee’s message because the candidate combines economic and religious populism.

“Especially with the economic insecurity people are feeling, they like that there’s a leader who, because of his religious belief, really wants to care for everybody,” said Hunter, who recently announced that he is backing Huckabee in the upcoming Florida primary. “It’s about evangelicals who are willing to care for people who are hurting, who are marginalized.”

So now it’s the president’s job “to care for everybody”? Why doesn’t the megachurch “care for people who are hurting, who are marginalized”?

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One Comment

  1. *sigh* Again, poor theology! The institution of government is given the responsibility of bearing the sword of justice. The *CHURCH* is supposed to care for the poor and needy… The members of the Body of Christ are supposed to be out ministering to those in need. NOT the government! (Well, to put it briefly, anyway.)

    I just heard John MacArthur’s address on the National Day of Prayer via Focus on the Family. He said that he truly believes that God has taken His hand off of America to allow it to go its own way, permitting us to reap the consequences of our collective sin… How frightening! But, I think, quite probably true.

    If the Church doesn’t stand up, loose it’s flab, rededicate itself to God, and DO WHAT GOD HAS COMMISSIONED IT TO DO… “If we are the Body,/ Why aren’t His hands reaching?” (Casting Crowns, “If We Are the Body”).

    We need revival here in America – and each Christian needs to pray that it begins with *US*. God’s people are perishing for lack of knowledge…

    *sigh, again*

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