Is Huckabee Stupid?

Or does he just think voters are?

“The Air Force has a saying that says that, if you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target. I’m catching the flak; I must be over the target.”

January 10, 2008

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9 thoughts on “Is Huckabee Stupid?

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  2. Tessie’s Dad, thanks for all your comments. Google Ads apparently uses key words, irrespective of content, to determine placement. I’ve been getting all kinds of liberal ads here. But as long as they have to pay me for each click, that’s less money they can spend spreading liberalism. Works for me.

  3. I’m liking the irony here – does anyone else’s browser have the “Blog Archive” list vertically bracketed by Google-placed Huckabee ads?

    (Screen capture available upon request, Leslie.)

  4. After a couple of mistakes and some self-flak, I think I’ve got my second comment on target now:

    Governor Huckabee’s logical fallacy here has the technical name denying the antecedent.

    In one example of an if-then statement, “If it is raining, then the streets are wet,” the antecedent is “It is raining,” and the consequent is “The streets are wet.” It is valid to argue by affirming the antecedent, as follows: “If it is raining, then the streets are wet. It is raining. Therefore, the streets are wet.”

    However, it is fallacious to argue by denying the antecedent: “If it is raining, then the streets are wet. The streets are wet. Therefore, it is raining.” One way to see the logical fallacy is by realizing that the streets could be wet for some other reason. For example, your neighbor might be watering the lawn.

    The negatives in Governor Huckabee’s argument makes the fallacy a little bit harder to spot. In his if-then statement, the antecedent is “You’re [Governor Huckabee is] not catching flak,” and the consequent is “You’re [Governor Huckabee is] not over the target.” In this case denying the antecedent consists of denying a negative, which is equivalent of asserting the reverse. A similar reversal happens in the conclusion, because the conclusion is the reverse of a negative consequent. Saying that Governor Huckabee is catching flak is the same as saying that it is not the case that Governor Huckabee is not catching flak, and saying that Governor Huckabee is over the target is the same as saying that it is not the case that Governor Huckabee is not over the target. The problem is that Governor Huckabee might be (not not) catching flak for some other reason than (not not) being over the target.

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