John McCain v. the First Amendment

New Hampshire Republicans on Tuesday voted to nominate for President a man who is behind one of the single most unConstitutional laws yet passed in the 21st-Century: the Campaign Reform Act of 2003, better known as McCain-Feingold.

The McCain-Feingold gag law forbids privately funded grassroots groups from running television ads that mention specific candidates within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election.

In other words, it bans political speech of exactly the kind that America’s Founders sought to protect via the First Amendment.

Following a Republican president who trounces the Fourth Amendment with a Republican president who trounces the First Amendment would be disastrous. Republicans, please vote against John McCain.

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3 thoughts on “John McCain v. the First Amendment

  1. If money is speech then sending cash to Al Qaeda is also protected under the constitution. McCain-Feingold asked that anyone paying for a candidate to not be anonymous. Or don’t you think that corruption via campaign contributions is a problem in the US?

  2. I have been anti-McCain since his selfish act several years ago when he blocked funding for something until they changed the rules at Washington National Airport so he could fly nonstop from there to Arizona.

    I can’t remember what funding he held up, or even if I cared about it, but I thought that was such a selfish act that I lost all respect for him. Yes, I am a Viet Nam veteran with “hero” medals…I still don’t like him!

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