Huckster and the Truth

Mike Huckabee’s loose relationship with the truth keeps him sounding like another Arkansas governor.

First, there’s his less-than-candid denial of his role in the release of rapist Wayne Dumond, who committed a murder after being freed from an Arkansas prison with the support of Gov. Huckabee.

Then there’s his claim of having a theology degree–later refuted by his own campaign.

Now he’s revising the history of his wishy-washy support for the troop surge. “I supported the president and the war before you did,” Gov. Huckabee told Mitt Romney during Saturday’s (fun) ABC/Facebook debate. “I supported the surge when you didn’t.” But that’s not what he said then. Two weeks after Gov. Romney issued a news release in favor of sending “additional troops to Iraq”, Gov. Huckabee was waffling, saying that he was “not sure” he could support a surge that included “Guard and Reserve troops”.

On Saturday night, when Gov. Romney referred to his “position”, Gov. Huckabee quipped, “Which one?” It was a good shot, but one that Gov. Romney could sling right back.

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2 thoughts on “Huckster and the Truth

  1. Huckabee.. what a joke. As if someone thinks that the religious right can muscle in on the Bill of Rights separation of Church and State.. (though some extreme Republicans might be strict constructionists on what state means– state or the country as a whole. )
    He’s got a bit of flim flam to him that is starting to bite him where it counts

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