What Do You Think?

Posting will be light on this blog for the rest of 2007, so here’s some fun for you.

Pick one or more of these 2007 “award” categories, and tell your fellow readers and me whom/what you’d nominate and why:

Best Presidential Candidate
Worst Presidential Candidate
Best Political Commentator/Columnist
Worst Political Commentator/Columnist
Best Political TV Program
Worst Political TV Program
Best Political Radio Program
Worst Political Radio Program
Best Political Broadcast Journalist
Worst Political Broadcast Journalist
Best Political Print Journalist
Worst Political Print Journalist
Best Political Speech
Worst Political Speech
Best Political Magazine
Worst Political Magazine
Best Political Book
Best Political Humorist
Best Political Blog
Worst Political Blog
Biggest Political Gaffe
Biggest News Story
Biggest Non-Story
Most Unconstitutional Law Passed
Best Possible Choice for Time’s Person of the Year
Worst Possible Choice for Time’s Person of the Year
Best Post on this Blog
Worst Post on this Blog
Category that Should be on this List But Isn’t

Comments from all viewpoints are welcome, but please keep the language clean.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. Worst candidate: Hillary Rotten Clinton!
    Worst political speech: anything delivered by Dubya.

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