Gov. Kaine’s Spending Spree

Virginia Democratic Governor Tim Kaine’s new budget is getting plenty of criticism–and with good reason. This irresponsible spending spree grabs $261 million from the state savings account (the Rainy Day Fund) and $180 million from the Transportation Trust Fund and–since that’s not enough–recommends $3.2 billion in new debt (nearing the state’s debt capacity)–all to pay for adding and increasing big-government programs.

My ODBA colleague rightwingliberal argues that the spending spree will greatly increase the state’s reach into everyday life.

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling condemns the budget’s irresponsibility:

“The Governor’s budget does not properly address the shortfalls being experienced by the Commonwealth in the current fiscal year, and it includes unwise spending commitments and unreasonable economic assumptions in the upcoming biennium. This budget is not in keeping with the Virginia tradition of fiscal responsibility.”

The irresponsble paternalism of the Governor’s proposed budget is an insult to the Commonwealth of Virginia, to republican government, and to those who built it here.

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1 thought on “Gov. Kaine’s Spending Spree

  1. You are right, it is not responsible, nor was it responisible to spend 6% in ‘projected’ revenues last year, when they knew new home construction in NOVA was tanking!

    He is just as responsible for this as the for GOP controlled Senate Finance committee…

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