Report: Turncoat Clemens Doped

Roger Clemens, who began his pitching career in 1984 with the (current World Champion) Boston Red Sox and ended it (most recently) with the New York Yankees, used performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Bronx Bummers, according to today’s investigation report by former Senator George Mitchell. If true, this certainly should keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Turncoat Clemens Doped

  1. And some free editorial advice from I who am not worthy:

    Your post makes it sound like Clemens was a part of the 2007 Red Sox roster, which he was not. The Mitchell Report also makes it clear that he didn’t begin ‘juicing’ until after his departure from the Sox.

    “The New York Yankees: Better Living through Biochemistry”

  2. From Bucky [bleeping] Dent’s corked bat to Jeffrey Maier to today, we’ve always known the Yankees cheat. This isn’t news.

    Should they change from pinstripes to needlestripes?

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