The Gratitude Campaign

Have you ever passed a uniformed service member and wanted to say “Thank You!” but didn’t know how? Or you thought the phrase was inadequate?

Well, you’re right about the second. Simple thanks can’t possibly measure up to the sacrifice of our American and allied service members.

But it’s better than nothing.

And now there’s a Gratitude Campaign to help. The Gratitude Campaign has made saying “Thank You!” easier than ever. A simple gesture, similar to the ASL sign, says “thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Instructions, as well as video and information about the campaign, are here.

So next time you pass by a service member, please say or sign “Thank You!” And if you have a blog, please post, link, or do whatever you can to help make this Campaign viral.

Thank you!

h/t Black Five, CatHouse Chat

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5 thoughts on “The Gratitude Campaign

  1. I have to second Chip, if he’ll take an endorsement from a squid. And about those thanks. You’re welcome. I never know what to say back, but they are always appreciated. Make sure that you especially thank the soldiers and Marines. While other services are also on the ground in combat, its the ground combat arms that are doing the most of the hard work. And I say this as a sailor attached to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.

  2. I hate to contradict a fellow Devil-Dog, but when we went into Iraq, we had the support of the American people and a use of force authorization from Congress that was every bit as good as a declaration of war. However, when the going got tough, the Congress & the American people got going — away from the sacrifice and accomplishments of our military, and into the “I just want to quit and run away” camp. It’s pitiful…

  3. As my Marine D.I. used to say, “You don’t need a “thank-you,” the government thanks you twice a month!”

    If you still want to show appreciation for our men in uniform, then how about telling Congress that we don’t want anymore undeclared wars.

    If we ever deploy troops again, let it be only with the full support of Americans and with a declaration of war by Congress.

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