An End to the Straw (Poll) Bus Argument

Pack away the smelling salts.

No one inadvertently rubbed elbows on Saturday with someone who rode on a bus.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has corrected an earlier report that the 182 people who voted for Ron Paul at Saturday’s Republican Party of Virginia Advance arrived at the Hyatt on a bus.

Some had dismissed Rep. Paul’s victory, practically painting the Constitution’s candidate as the Arthur Garrity of Virginia, claiming that his many supporters had come in on a bus.

Dennis Fusaro, national field director for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, has confirmed what the lack of busses outside the Hyatt whispered: Rep. Paul’s supporters drove on their own; they did not ride on a bus.

We can hold our own with Muffy and Buffy at the Country Club Holiday Soiree this year–secure in the knowledge that we did not breathe the same air as any who rode on a bus.

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1 thought on “An End to the Straw (Poll) Bus Argument

  1. I think it was the idea that the Paulites were bussed in with the intent of simply skewing the straw poll…not the fact that they rode in on a bus, as you had put it.

    You’re talking to a definite non-country club Republican. I fell for the story, as well…but as I see (and recanted), the Ron Paul supporters simply made the effort to show up.

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