Ron Paul Wins!

Rep. Ron Paul crushed the opposition in today’s Republican Party of Virginia straw poll, winning 182 votes, according to The Washington Post.

Big-government Republican Fred Thompson came in second with 112 votes.

Tax-and-spend Mike Huckabee, who had surprisingly little presence at the event, scored only 51 votes.

Pro-abortion hypocrite Rudy Giuliani got 45 votes.

Flip-flopper Mitt Romney yielded 43.

Gag-ruler John McCain got 23.

Duncan Hunter scored 19.

And Tom Tancredo got only 4 votes.

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1 thought on “Ron Paul Wins!

  1. Leslie, I’m happy to see you are sugar-coating your characterizations of the GOP candidates!

    If Fred Thompson is a big government guy and a true Federalist then we can fight the fights at the appropriate levels of government – about the size of government.

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