(Dis)Loyalty Oath Backlash

Blogger backlash to the GOP disloyalty-to-principle oath has been coming in fast and furious since yesterday. Virginia hasn’t inspired this much national ridicule since enacting its abusive driver fees.

Free Democracy asks, “Where’s a third party when you need it?”

Jay Lake calls the oath unAmerican.

Senate 2008 Guru blasts the GOP’s “rigidity“.

Curvemudgeon writes, “The Corps is Mother[;] the Corps is Father“.

Northloop Neighborhoods finds the whole thing “telling“.

libertarian socialist (huh??) calls it “unfair“.

Why Tuesday? finds it “Weird“.

NotionsCapital thinks it’s “odd“.

OutsideLansing finds it “boneheaded“.

Leesburg Tomorrow sees it as “a clear sign that the Republicans are afraid of losing Virginia in 2008“.

Meanwhile, Vivian J. Paige responds with a “Yawn.”

And on an encouraging note, Below the Beltway writes that the GOP is already back-pedalling.

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1 thought on “(Dis)Loyalty Oath Backlash

  1. A pledge I can live with:

    I pledge my intention to support my Republican candidate by voting for him in the General Election should he win the Republican nomination.

    This should satisfy the RPV, since it addresses the problem of disingenuous voters from other parties trying to sway our primary, while not forcing Republicans to vote for a candidate they don’t support.

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