Faustians for Fred

The presidential endorsement side-show gets curiouser and curiouser.

Recently, Pat Robertson endorsed pro-abortion adulterer Rudy Giuliani.

Now the National Right to Life Committee has endorsed Fred Thompson, who lobbied on behalf of a pro-abortion group, according to The Los Angeles Times. The official minutes of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA) document that the group hired the self-advertized federalist in 1991 to try to lobby the George Bush XLI Administration to loosen the flow of federal tax dollars to abortion clinics.

Perhaps part of the payment he took was the group’s services in drafting talking points. Here’s what Sen. Thompson said regarding abortion last week on Meet the Press: “I do not think it is a wise thing to criminalize young girls and perhaps their parents as aiders and abettors. … You can’t have a [federal] law” that “would take young, young girls . . . and say, basically, we’re going to put them in jail.” In other words, Sen. Thompson went on national television and pandered to the pro-abortion groups, giving ersatz credence to this oft-floated implausible specter, instead of presenting a well-considered declaration of the sanctity of life.

But if NFPRHA is writing Sen. Thompson’s talking points, Goethe must be writing NRLC’s statements. From the NRLC’s news release this morning:

“‘Our endorsement is a testament to Senator Thompson’s long-standing pro-life record, his commitment to unborn children, and our belief in his ability to win.’ …

“Since announcing his candidacy in September, Fred Thompson has run second only to pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliana for the Republican nomination in the overwhelming majority of national polls. As pro-lifers throughout the nation begin to unite behind his candidacy, he will be well positioned to win the nomination and the presidency.”

The release does cite Sen. Thompson’s positive pro-life voting record, “his opposition to the kind of stem cell research that requires killing human embryos”, and his belief that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

But NRLC ignores Sen. Thompson’s unprincipled lobbying record, his rambling comments on Meet the Press, and his ridiculous non-statement regarding the murder of Terri Schiavo: “I can’t pass judgment on it. … That’s going back in history. I don’t remember the details of it.” A woman was dehydrated to death two years ago at the behest of her adulterous husband. What salient “details” could he possibly forget?

There are several candidates more credibly committed to the sanctity of life than Fred Thompson. Salivating over Sen. Thompson’s alleged electability, NRLC has made a Faustian bargain.

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