The DemocratIC Brand

Like bridesmaids lunging for a bouquet, Democratics are jumping to catch the World’s-Smuggest-Cheerleader award so deliciously knocked from the hands of Yankees fans.

And the delusions of arrogance fly from their mouths, like so many hits from Big Papi’s bat, and from their pens, like so many strikes from Josh Beckett’s arm.

Consider this gem from E.J. Dionne’s column, “Democrats Hone the Brand”, in today’s Washington Post: “The products in the Democratic line are the consumer durables of education, transportation and economic growth.”

Laying aside the reduction of civil goverment to a goodie factory, the notion that Democratic policy is conducive to the flourishing of these “products” doesn’t pass the straight-face test.

Education: Beholden to teachers unions, Democratics consistently block the market-based reforms that could actually make public education competitive with private.

Transportation: Four-figure fees for offenses like driving at 75 mph can only leave the courts as congested as the roads.

Economic growth: This one’s my favorite. What are the raw materials that the Democratics put into this “product”? High taxes that stifle prosperity? Soaring “entitlements” that discourage the virtuous behavior that creates wealth? Job-crushing regulations, like minimum-wage laws?

From whom did Mr. Dionne learn value creation strategy? George Steinbrenner?

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2 thoughts on “The DemocratIC Brand

  1. Bang on, Leslie, but I have one minor quibble – there’s two t’s in Beckett.

    You may also have noted that the idea of ‘consumer durable’ has changed; apparently, they no longer need be tangible. I always thought that the Dems’ products were onerous regulations, feelings of entitlement and victimhood, and, of course, the smug, smarmy John Stewart variety of ‘constructive’ criticism.

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