RINOs Sent to Pack their Trunks

The Virginia GOP paid dearly for disappointing conservatives in yesterday’s election. While several conservative Republicans survived, some of the party’s more liberal candidates went down to defeat. The epi-center of the anti-RINO earthquake was the state Senate, which fell to the Democrats for the first time since the Clinton Administration.

Perhaps the biggest comeuppance came in the 34th Senate District, where Post-endorsed, self-proclaimed RINO Jeannemarie Devolites (Mrs. Tom) Davis lost 55-45% to Democrat Chap Peterson, whom Sen. Devolites actually attacked as too pro-gun.

Meanwhile, conservatives around the state did well. In the nearby 37th District, Republican incumbent Ken Cuccinelli, frequently cited as one of Virginia’s most conservative Senators, appears to have defeated Democrat Janet Oleszek by under 500 votes, though a recount is surely brewing.

In the 9th House district, Republican Charles Poindexter defeated Democrat Eric Ferguson 46-44%. Did the reprehensible actions of Mr. Ferguson’s slimy campaign manager Joe Stanley cost him those two points?

In the 13th House district, my old Family Research Council colleague Bob Marshall, renowned for his strong pro-life convictions and activism, trounced challenger Bruce Roemmelt 58-42%.

In Loudoun County, my friend Eugene Delgaudio, slammed by The Washington Post as an “abrasive public official who skewers gays, public transit, illegal immigrants”, beat Democrat Jeanne West 53-47%.

In Prince William County, unopposed Democrat Paul Ebert saw almost 700 votes go to write-in candidate Hamilton “Ham” Sandwich.

Ham Sandwich did better than Myron Rhodes, who scored under 500 votes in his race for Clerk of the Court in Harrisonburg-Rockingham, losing to Chaz Evans Haywood.

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5 thoughts on “RINOs Sent to Pack their Trunks

  1. Hamsandwich has more voters available to him.

    I beat people and tied people who spent over 10k.

    Think nothing of it Leslie. You looked at the results from the city.

    You are nothing but classy. Keep up the good work.


  2. Leslie,

    I got close to 500 votes with 2,000 dollars.

    I didn’t run ads, go door-to-door, walk in parades, or do the fair circuit.

    I ran to make a point about the salary, and Chaz, who is a very good friends of mine, is looking at opening the office on Saturday mornings, hiring a pro se law clerk, electronic case management, and getting our deputy clerks a pay raise.(We have one who has been working there for 10 years who make 12 bucks an hour)

    All of the above was publicly brought out by me and during the last week of the campaign several of the other candidates blatantly ripped my ideas off in an attempt to be elected.

    Thanks for fixing your post in advance.


    Thanks in advance

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