Searching for a Standard on Planet Tribbett

Ben Tribbett’s thinking process really is a queer thing.

On Tuesday, my Old Dominion Blog Alliance colleague Ward Smythe posted a Photoshopped logo for “Nutrootz for Virginia“. This was satire, for those who couldn’t tell. The graphic depicts several images, including those of Mr. Tribbett and Osama bin Laden. What was Mr. Smythe trying to communicate here? Perhaps that both are so blinded by resentment that they pursue policies harmful to Virginia and to humanity at large.

Not given to reflection, Mr. Tribbett threw another of his trademarked hissy-fits. Unable to craft an argument, he spewed out:


The closest thing to an idea here–“This is beneath acceptable discourse”–raises the question of where Mr. Tribbett places the bar for “acceptable discourse”.

Vulgar name-calling meets Mr. Tribbett’s standard of acceptable discourse. His blog repeatedly refers to a “South[-]County B—h”.
Absurd innuendo is also fair game. On the same day that Mr. Smythe posted his logo, Mr. Tribbett noted that Del. Jeff Frederick bought a house in the first Congressional district “48 Hours After Jo Ann Davis Died” and asks whether the purchase was a “preplanned move that happened at an unseemly time, or a really tacky political maneuver”. Apparently, it was neither. My ODBA colleague Jim Riley reports on Virginia Virtucon that Del. Frederick hasn’t recently bought a house anywhere. Even if he had, anybody grounded in reality recognizes that it takes longer than 48 hours to buy a house.

And, of course, equating conservative bloggers with terrorists and child molesters is “acceptable discourse”. As readers of this blog may recall, when his friend Joe Stanley redirected olddominionblogalliance[dot]com to the Web site of an organization that promotes pedophilia, it was Mr. Tribbett who prompted Mrs. Myron Rhodes to post the link. Mr. Tribbett later gave Mr. Stanley space on his blog to defend his defamatory prank. Titled “The Old Dominion Blog Alliance and Their Tactics of Terror”, Mr. Stanley’s rambling boast justified his deception on the grounds that he hates both groups.

So it seems, as with everything else on Planet Tribbett, that there really is no objective standard for acceptable discourse. There’s just what offends Mr. Tribbett, which is inappropriate, and what offends his opponents, which is fair game.

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