DemocratIC Deceit

It’s been quite a few weeks since our last round-up of Democratic deception, but while I’ve been occupied with some life matters, my ODBA colleagues have kept busy in exposing the seamy tactics of some members of the donkey party.

As readers of this blog will recall, political consultant Joe Stanley, an associate of Sen. Roscoe Reynolds and Delegate candidate Eric Ferguson, bought an olddominionblogalliance domain name and redirected it to the Web site of an organization that promotes child molestation. Having apparently never surpassed the maturity level of the victims of this group, Mr. Stanley remains very proud of this deceitful action, and has published a barely literate defense that pretty much boils down to a parody of self-involved relativism: I hate both groups; therefore they’re morally equivalent.

Last week, Alton Foley, campaign manager for Sen. Reynolds’ conservative opponent Jeff Evans and my colleague in the ODBA, did a bang-up job discussing Mr. Stanley’s behavior on the Talk of the Town show. Mr. Stanley was invited to appear as well, but wisely stayed away, reasoned discourse not being his strength.

Spark It Up!!! writes it up in the post Alton Foley Discusses Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, and Joey Stanley on TV.

SWAC Girl writes of Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson, & dem political tricks discussed on TV and remembers before it all started.

Scott’s Morning Brew says that Eric Ferguson is in with both feet and that Roscoe Reynolds and Eric Ferguson have some explaining to do.

Virginia Virtucon writes that Roscoe Reynolds and Eric Ferguson were Exposed on Talk of the Town and points out that You Are Known By Those You Associate With.

The Ward View takes a look at Eric Ferguson and the Company He Keeps and notes that Roscoe Reynolds is the Talk of the Town and comments on his Unholy Alliance.

Badrose asks whether Sen. Reynolds is Hypocrite, HypocritIC, or Homo Hypocriticalis.

Meanwhile, Ben Tribbett insists that his comrade-in-deceit is the best political consultant in Virginia because he guts pumpkins the way he guts the truth.

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