Relativism AD ABSURDUM–Part II

Shameless snoop Ben Tribbett is defending Democratic political consultant Joe Stanley’s defamation of the Old Dominion Blog Alliance with the following explanation: ODBA “is a sick, out of control group that deserves to be compared to other sick and out of control groups“.

This guy doesn’t even seem to realize that he’s being blown hither and yon by the perfect storm of relativism. The colliding systems of a flagrant disregard for truth, an oblivion to universal principles or standards, and a self-centered deconstructionism that crowns one’s own interpretation as sovereign have reduced one of the commonwealth’s erstwhile influential blogs into a wretched parody of the postmodern illiberal zeitgeist.

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2 thoughts on “Relativism AD ABSURDUM–Part II

  1. Oh, Leslie, I pray I never make you angry: you’d flay me alive!

    This was beautifully written, and scathingly accurate, just as I would expect from you.

    Now, I wonder… Does Benny even have a dictionary to use which includes all the “big words”?

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