Roscoe Reynolds Recap and Round-Up

As Roscoe Reynolds Week draws to a close, it’s time for a recap and another round-up.

As an incumbent, Sen. Reynolds ought to be coasting toward re-election. But between his sponsorship of the much-hated abusive fees and his contempt toward his constituents, he’s in trouble.

The week began with several Virginia blogs, this one included, posting video of Sen. Reynolds’ rude responses to talk-show callers.

Sen. Reynolds hired political consultant Joe Stanley of Yellow Dog Strategy to do, well, what political consultants do. Mr. Stanley remains Dogged by a Yellow Strategy involving a flyer featuring a controversial–many say anti-Semitic–caricature of Jim Webb’s primary opponent Harris Miller. As far as I’m concerned, if this is the guy that Virginia’s other Senator Hothead wants on his side, that’s just great. If anybody’s flyer defeated Mr. Miller, it was his own–the one that argued Vote for Me Because I Worked for Jimmy Carter But My Opponent Worked for Ronald Reagan. Free advice to Mr. Stanley and et al.: The first rule of campaigning for Democrats should be “Do not mention the name Ronald Reagan.” The second should be “Do not mention the name Jimmy Carter.” But I digress.

Anyway, my ODBA colleague Carl Kilo sent a brief heads-up to our private group email list:

“Roscoe has hired the Yellow Dog Group to run his media online. is the Joe Stanley bunch, The Macaca master! The Harris Miller anti semitic flyer, etc. to think about. Carl”

That’s all he wrote, and it’s reprinted here by permission.

But for some reason, it ignited Ben Tribbett to reveal the fact that he’s been reading our private email and to misrepresent the content of Mr. Kilo’s message, claiming that he “asked for” a post. Now, I’ve only met Mr. Tribbett once, so I can’t really judge whether he’s merely stupid enough to misunderstand Mr. Kilo’s simple language or both dishonest and stupid enough not to expect that he’d be called out for it. I’m also not sure whether he’s simply trying to sow discord among lovers of liberty for fun or whether he and Senator Reynolds are really so desperate that Mr. Tribbett is willing to blow his ill-gotten access to our private messages.

Whatever his motives, Virginians are expressing their disgust with Mr. Tribbett’s doubly unethical behavior.

Spark It Up!!! thinks that Ben Tribbett is Grasping.

CatHouse Chat clarifies What he said.

SWAC Girl notes that NLS Eavesdropped on ODBA.

The Ward View suggests that we Suppose Ben Gave a Hissy Fit and Nobody Came.

Deo Vindice laments the fact that Democrats Skulk–rather than think critically.

Scott’s Morning Brew is glad The “horizontal media” has their attention.

Virginia Virtucon says that Mr. Tribbett’s boorishness shows Roscoe Feeling The Heat.

Jason Kenney introduces Roscoe’s New Pals.

Now at the Podium comments on The Latest Blog Feud.

Good Sense also writes about The Old Dominion Blog Alliance and Ben.

Meanwhile, Black Velvet Bruce Li wonders why we need Another Blogstorm.

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