This Explains So Much

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (S.C.) allowed Monday that a positive report by General David Petraeus about progress in Iraq “would be a real big problem” for Democrats.

Democrats’ revulsion toward success, whether in international relations or domestic affairs, is well-known, but Mr. Clyburn’s candor is revealing nonetheless, putting into context his party’s pressure for troop withdrawal and its whining that the surge was a failure before its operations had even begun.

“Republicans have long argued that Pelosi and Reid send conflicting messages on the War on Terror that embolden our enemies abroad,” Republican Party of Virginia spokesman Shaun Kenney pointed out. “Now comes a moment of clarity from Clyburn, stating victory in Iraq poses ‘a real big problem’ for the Democrats?”

“Why is victory in Iraq a problem?” Mr. Kenney queried.

Well, because success is always a problem for nanny wannabes who slurp up power by pointing out what’s wrong with what works.

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1 thought on “This Explains So Much

  1. Democrats should realize that we gave them 60 years for the welfare state and social security to succeed. They should give us more than just 4 years for our tax funded Big Government programs to start working. They should know better than anyone how long it takes to force societies to change. Those hypocrites.

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