Just Another New York Marxist

Conservatives can add economic ignorance to disdain for the sanctity of life and abhorrent personal morality in their reasons for opposing Rudolph Giuliani’s quest for the presidency.

Attempting to explain why he opposes a flat income tax in Florida on Saturday, the former Mayor said, “I have to study it some more… I don’t think a flat tax is realistic change for America. Our economy is dependent upon the way our tax system operates.”

Okay, Mr. Mayor, here’s your first lesson: No economy is dependent upon the operation of its tax system. A healthy economy is dependent upon the virtuous behavior, like hard work and responsible stewardship, and the conditions, like freedom of trade and private property ownership, that nurture prosperity. A so-called progressive tax system undermines all these things. It discourages virtue by fining economic achievement and it destroys freedom by meddling in economic activity. That’s why Karl Marx supported it.

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1 thought on “Just Another New York Marxist

  1. Steve Forbes must be ticked at Rudy right about now given he has endorsed him and signed on to be an economic advisor to the campaign. While this is a large blunder for Rudy, it pales in comparison to what Romney has said about the flat tax — both in ’96 and ’07. Heck, Romney uses the class warfare argument against the flat tax, saying it benefits the Kennedys, the Rockefellers and the Forbes. This might be the ONLY issue Romney has been consistent on over the past 12 years and he’s STILL wrong on it.

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