Bolling on Immigration

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling of Virginia had a sound op-ed on immigration amnesty in yesterday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“[T]he recent debate in Congress over proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants shows just how out of touch some in Washington , D.C., have become with the American people,” Mr. Bolling points out.
“[T]he American Dream must be earned — it cannot be stolen.”

He lists several common-sense solutions to America’s immigration problem, including securing the borders, cutting the red tape for people who want to come here for legitimate reasons, and stopping welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

In other words, let’s make it easier for honest workers to weave themselves into the fabric of America, and harder for dishonest freeloaders to weaken that fabric by chewing on it like moths.

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1 thought on “Bolling on Immigration

  1. Very, very well put synopsis.

    I’m very proud to see a leader like Bill Bolling standing up against Illegals!

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