Ladies of the Night and Leaders of the News

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who believe in freedom of conscience and those who advocate blind obedience to power. Those in the latter group take deep offense at those who do not display their courtier mentality and demand that they learn their “place”. For example:

[W]hen the election results were becoming clear, those who sold Emmett Hanger down the river were putting on their smiley faces and pretending that it was all “just part of the process.”

Betrayal is a serious matter and insubordination must be dealt with swiftly. It’s time to clear the underbrush of the snakes. Better yet, the snakes should resign. Today.

— Staunton News Leader, June 13, 2007, editorial

Come on, dearie, why all the fuss?
You’re no grander than the rest of us.
Life has dropped you at the bottom of the heap.
Join your sisters.
Make money in your sleep!

— Lovely Ladies, “Les Miserables”, lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer

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