A Moral and Political Error

Three years ago, conservative Pat Toomey challenged liberal Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Republican primary.

To the dismay of the state’s conservatives, Senator Rick Santorum, a good man who made a bad mistake, supported Senator Specter.

Two years later, Senator Santorum, having disgusted Pennsylvania conservatives, lost his re-election bid to Bob Casey, Jr., a conservative, pro-life Democrat. The Republican party lost the United States Senate–by one seat.

Virginia Republicans have an opportunity to learn from Senator Santorum’s moral and political blunder.

There’s an unhappy rumor floating about that some Republicans–including former Senator George Allen–are thinking of endorsing liberal incumbent Emmett Hanger–whose chief legislative claim to fame is a bill granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens–over conservative challenger Scott Sayre in the June 12 primary election for the Commonwealth’s 24th district Senate seat.

Let’s hope that this rumor is unfounded.

Principle knows that endorsing liberals to keep Republican seats is a moral error. History shows it to be a political error as well.

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2 thoughts on “A Moral and Political Error

  1. Exactly! But this time the base is fighting back. After hearing our electeds talk about rediscovering our conservative Republican “brand,” they turn around and endorse a pro-tax senator. The analogy of Rick Santorum is perfect, Leslie. That shows the power of the base (grassroots) who are going on principles, not favoritism.

    In the 24th District we’re putting our blood, sweat, and tears into this race as we work hard for a candidate with those principles.

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