Liberal Indulgences

I so wish I had thought of this one.

Somebody called kender_kender_kender is hawking “Liberal Offsets” on eBay. They’re like the Carbon Offsets rich people like Al Gore can buy so that they can squawk about “global warming” and still use more than one square of toilet paper. But kender’s Liberal Offsets are good for covering up a multitude of political beliefs that feel good and pass cultural elitist muster but unfortunately are damaging to individual, familial, and societal well-being. (H/T CatHouse Chat).

It’s time for Congress to order a big supply of these 21st-century indulgences. Yesterday, the body passed a whopping minimum wage hike–from $5.25 to $7.15 an hour. A White House spokesman said that President Bush plans to sign the bill. Enactment of this feel-good legislation will most hurt the working poor, because it hamstrings the economic freedom that creates jobs. But its simple-minded assumptions allow for cozy moral smugness.

The moment the coin in the coffer clinks, America’s prosperity sinks.

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