The Wrong Apology

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine yesterday left the hospital where he was receiving treatment after his April 12 car crash. The governor was not wearing a seat belt in a car travelling at 91 miles per hour, on the way to a meeting between Don Imus and members of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.

According to this morning’s newspapers, Gov. Corzine apologized, saying, “I set a very bad example.”

But the governor’s offense wasn’t setting a bad example. His offense was acting as though he were above the law. And by invoking the word example, Gov. Corzine reveals the attitude that he is above the people whom he serves.

Citizens of a Constitutional republic don’t need “leaders” to set good automotive examples from above. We need public servants who pass and enforce Constitutional laws that secure our rights and who realize that they are beholden to the people and obliged to obey those same laws.

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